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Curves Abstract

Oramental grass

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Comment from Stringbean

Such a beautiful artistic composition and a great entry into the Curves Contest and a good contender. A stunning Macro shot of the Ornamental grass. Very well photographed with good lighting, sharp focus revealing intricate details in your image. Your colors in the background make for a modern abstract art piece. A creative and talented shot and thanks for sharing!

 Comment Written 24-Jan-2019

Comment from Envision

This is a refreshing, creative, and captivating image. Excellent job getting exquisite detail. I enjoy the color saturation too and that patterns that the grasses in the background make in the negative space as well as the awesome curved shape of your subject. Very impressive. Wish I had a six for this one. It deserves a high rating.

 Comment Written 17-Jan-2019

Comment from michiganmike

A very nice close up with a great curled form that should fare well in the contest. I like the composition but think the colors could stand to be more subtle. Best of luck in the voting.

 Comment Written 15-Jan-2019

Comment from alaskapat

This is a beautiful abstract image, the colors here are really beautiful and work very well together,I see square patterns in background which really emphasize the curves in the ornamental grass. This is well focused, the image is clear, exposure is well managed, well arranged and presented. Best wishes to you in the contest!

 Comment Written 15-Jan-2019