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Comment from Lucas Sizov

Kari, this is a positive post with uplifting notes! I love it! You are a kind person with a big heart! So Poppy got lucky t get a good home and loving owner. I like this photo of Poppy. The cool blue reflections are awesome! Good luck in the contest! ! !

 Comment Written 25-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 25-Jan-2019
    Thanks Lucas, In the first year i had Poppy and he learned certain things from my other dog Lucy, and learned that i was the mom and some things aren't tolerated, but i never spank. I worked with him consistently and he was very smart, and learned 'sit', 'lay down' and 'shake hands' in about 10 minutes. In that 1st year, 3 different people comments on what good dogs i have and how well behaved they are, yet run, play and enjoy getting and giving hugs and kisses. It feels good to be told I'm a good dog mom. Thanks for your very nice review.
Comment from willie

I think I see an eye hiding behind all that hair. I like the close view. This is something that may make the judges look at. I like the close view. I am sure he is a nice pet! I agree "poppy" fits!

 Comment Written 25-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 25-Jan-2019
    Thanks Willie. You have no idea how happy your review makes me. I think your review is going to get this pic recognized. Yay!! And, yes Poppy really is a very smart, funny, well-behaved little kid. My xmas cards are a collage of my dogs and signed "Kari, Lucy and The Pop"
Comment from Stringbean

Good artists notes ....I love your title. What an adorable dog and nice storytelling how you came up with his name. Your lighting is good but you focus is soft.....I thought at first you had added a painterly effect to your photography. Poppy is indeed beautiful.....and best wishes in the contest.

 Comment Written 20-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 20-Jan-2019
    Thank you for your kind words and review
reply by Stringbean on 23-Jan-2019
    You are so welcome Artistic Chick!
    Mary Lynn
Comment from Renate-Bertodi

what an adorable dog. but how does he see through his fringe. I ask this because I can remember when I was a young thing in my teens, I also used to have a fringe similar to this, I thought it was cute!! it wasn't and eventually I cut it. love this chap. what I describe in my pictures is happening here and now. An illegal program for which Kissinger is paying using outlawed USA advanced techniques over the UK. Arnold Levi; we have a surfeit of population, the money is more useful to us. They destroy my sons testicles in a remote beam when they were 11 and 12 and strapped the younger ones penis, so he has a child's penis though he is a man of 42 now. He can never have children and never have sex, St barths human Research burnt out all semen incase they had children who could later sue the lab people. You block the muscles! on the machine to stop growth, quiet a common technique often used on mental simples. You would be amazed what these murderers do. I am a dp so with no country of my own to flee to, they felt they were safe using us. St barths Human Research also killed princess diana, gave her a false stress break down and then created her accident.
Franklyn of USA gave the London beasts the program. Human Research used to run Auschwitz and Belsen and the Gulags in Siberia/

 Comment Written 19-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 20-Jan-2019
    Thanks for your nice review of Poppy. Despite the fringe, he doesn't miss a treat when thrown in the air. My folks had to dog sit for me a couple time last year due to an illness the first time, and scheduled surgery on my ankle the 2nd time. Poppy loves his "grandma", where as Lucy my black lab stays next to her "grandpa's" chair. My mom threatened to take Poppy to the groomer and have his hair cut. But I like his shaggy sheepdog look. He sure didnt look that way when he was a youngster. But always a cutie. I'll have to do some reading up on your Kissinger story. This work is filled with some dangerously crazy people
reply by Renate-Bertodi on 21-Jan-2019
    gorgeous dog. It is not recorded or anything.It is a covert program as so much is nowadays. I only know because we are involved. Like most people I took little notice before we were accidentally caught up.
Comment from sandiebolger

How cute is he, lovely looking dog and the way you have presented this is great, for me there is a little blurring especially around the nose area and top of his head. Love the way he is looking out through his hair, makes him look mischevious. Thank you for sharing, I bet he is great fun to have around.

 Comment Written 19-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 20-Jan-2019
    Thanks for your nice review. You're not the first one to mention his mischievous look. He may be trying to hide behind those bangs, but yes, he is mischievous. He came in from the backyard yesterday with a muddy beard and paws. He put his paws on my knees and I could see the balloon above his head "I haven't been digging no holes."
Comment from nikman

No way! The Beatles all had dark hair! Your full and central composition gives us an enjoyable look at him. Sharpness and exposure are good. Well done and good luck!

 Comment Written 18-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 19-Jan-2019
    Haha, thanks Nik, well there was supposedly a 5th Beatle. They did all have bangs to their eyes in the early years. Thanks for your comments and kind review.
Comment from suffolkbrian

Cute dog for sure and looks full of mischief,not sure about title,but that aside its not totally sharp,looks like your shutterspeed was not fast enough in this,was the dog shaking its head,pity really as the white balance is good,pin sharp would have made this better...Brian

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 Comment Written 18-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 19-Jan-2019
    Thanks Brian. Yes, he is full of mischief. He actually poses nicely for pics, I did have the blinds open and the sun was shining on him. The only way I've gotten a sharp result is by using a paint feature in editing. But I wanted the natural look. 5th in the 60's rock group from England, The Beatles. There was a contraversial 5th Beatle. They were referred to as mop tops
reply by suffolkbrian on 19-Jan-2019
    your welcome,fifth beatle was called pete best,as I am in the uk grew up around the sixties
reply by the author on 19-Jan-2019
    Yes, I was thinking it was Pete or Peter. Thanks.
Comment from GaliaG

nice shot of this cute dog, good luck with the contest

nice artist notes about the way you got him

good focus, details and light handling

thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 18-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 19-Jan-2019
    Thank you so much for your nice review and comments. He's a special kid.
Comment from supergold

a nice story kari and a certainly very happy dog who found a loving family;
an excellent clse up portrait with his long strange looking hair;

 Comment Written 18-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 19-Jan-2019
    Thank you for the nice words and review. I wish I could have shown a side by side of his picture right after I got him and this one. I never would have thought he'd look like a sheepdog. Always cute and a good kid.
Comment from Envision

Poppy is adorable! Those bangs and curly waves are outrageous :) I like the story behind his name and that he has a nice home now. His coat is a lovely color which is well exposed in this shot.

 Comment Written 17-Jan-2019

reply by the author on 17-Jan-2019
    Thank you for your nice words and review. He's turned out to be quite a character and loves all other dogs and cats. He likes cleaning the cat's ears.