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Comment from Renate-Bertodi

traditions maketh the man. I do believe it has less to do with real faith, more to do with the love of some sort of order and tradition in our lives especially if passed to give us a feeling that mankind is more than just stomach and loins. I am from refugee communities of all types, and we found that those who clung onto traditions survived better with the tighter discipline which was their way of living. Love the photo, We have large numbers of Africans and Arabs in England now and every kind of clothing you can imagine, but sadly all sorts of horrors, country being used for remote testing of outlawed furture remote war weaponry on the UK population using my family as ''models for the remote torture. Israely
i Human Research came too and went. Sadly this time the criminals are East End Jews, so the Israeli did not know which way to turn. It has all gone pear shaped for 100 years. It is for the future of the USA so they say.

 Comment Written 07-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 07-Feb-2019
    thank you
Comment from mamamary

This woman looks very wise. I like the way she is looking straight into the camera and the slight smile she has on her face. This is a perfect photo for the use of black and white picture. Great focus, lighting on the left side of her face as I see it. I kind of wish the other person was in the photo, but not enough to mark it down.

 Comment Written 06-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 06-Feb-2019
    thank you very much
reply by mamamary on 07-Feb-2019
    You are more than welcome.
Comment from nikman

A very good and characterful portrait posted here! Your full and central composition grants us a good look at your handsome Arab. Like his happy face and his turban! Exposure and sharpness are good. Well taken!

 Comment Written 05-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 05-Feb-2019
    thank you
Comment from alaskapat

Nice. Black and white rendering, it shows good tonal variations,she is a beautiful woman with soulful eyes, well focused, the image is clear, Exposure Is well managed,well composed allowing a sense that she is with other people but you have focused on her. Well presented!

 Comment Written 04-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 05-Feb-2019
    thank you very much
Comment from suffolkbrian

B/w works for this and you captured a nice pose in this,tis a slight shame about the guy behind,but guess looking at this there were several people around,i might crop a tad of the right in this though...Brian

 Comment Written 04-Feb-2019

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    thank you
reply by suffolkbrian on 05-Feb-2019
    your welcome