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Pelican jump

A brown pelican jumping out of the water

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Comment from Jade P

This is beautiful to see how faster you are with the cámara . I live. Eat the Florida Keys we have this birds all around here and they are very fast . The water splash espectacular I would have love to see a fish in his mouth but the details are amazing. Congratulations

 Comment Written 11-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 13-Feb-2019
    Thanks Jade for your wonderful review. Glad you liked the image also.
reply by Jade P on 13-Feb-2019
    Your welcome
Comment from GaliaG

Excellent timing to get this funny pelican

excellent capture oft he splash behind him

good focus, details, colors and light handling

nice story telling and composition

thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 11-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 11-Feb-2019
    Thanks much for your review.
Comment from willie

I like this! I too have some shots of these birds and I agree with you they are fun to photograph. I like the look of them especially with them looking straight at you. Very good job with this picture. I think it may be better if there was a little more room on the left but no big deal.

 Comment Written 11-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 11-Feb-2019
    Thanks Willie for your great review, I appreciate it.
Comment from Lucas Sizov

Allan, you've captured a lovely moment! Excellent composition, great color balance. Amazing sharpness! Lots of details! Successful photo! Bravo!

 Comment Written 10-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 11-Feb-2019
    Thanks much for your review.
Comment from blujdrawings

Nice work here, lovely composition and good richness of colours that come through. I really like the background here and contrast and saturation is good. Thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 10-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 11-Feb-2019
    Thanks much.
Comment from mamamary

What a great action shot! The focus is clear and crisp! The lighting just right! I love the way there is still a splash in the water. Seriously, everything about this is stunning!! Good luck in the contest.

 Comment Written 10-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 11-Feb-2019
    Wow, thank you so much for the super high rating and very nice words, I appreciate them a lot.
reply by mamamary on 11-Feb-2019
    You are more than welcome. You deserve it!
Comment from seshadri_sreenivasan

This is a wonderful shot of pelican doing a long jump I think! Fine clarity and sharpness!. You have timed it well. The light and shadows, colours and the composition have worked out well. Good luck!

 Comment Written 10-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 11-Feb-2019
    Thanks for taking the time to write this review and your kind words,
Comment from Sange

You captured a Juvenile Brown Pelican with fine stop action of his wings, feet and great impact splash up of the water
Great focus, exposure, crisp details and nice eye clarity.
Living in Florida I see them often even flying over head as I drive to work every day. They hang out in the man made lakes around not office which is fun to find them away from the ocean.
Nice work Allan.

 Comment Written 10-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 11-Feb-2019
    Thanks Sange, when these guys are actively feeding, you get lots of chances to shoot them in some for of action. Time is everything as is a fast shutter speed! Been a really cool and windy winter for us down here in FL. Also been pretty windy.
    Oh well, it beats -30 back home!!
reply by Sange on 11-Feb-2019
    Yes it's been cold too!
    I am used to the winds and yes pelicans I shoot at
    1/3200 or 1/4000.
    Been the best weather here this yr and best electric bill!
Comment from avmurray

LOL - This is so funny Allan, and it even looks like the Pelican is thinking the same. You have captured the splash of water so well, and your stop action is just perfect.

The Pelican is standing out sharp and well defined from the blue water, and it is indeed clear details to be seen in the bird's feathers. It is nothing wrong with the exposure either.

I like the way you have cropped the photo and also the placement of the bird within the frame. This is really a great looking and well taken photo, and with an excellent DOF. I wish you luck with the contest. A 6 stars shot Allan, but I am afraid I have none left.

 Comment Written 08-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 11-Feb-2019
    Thanks much for the cyber 6, I appreciate your thoughts and words a lot. This was a fun shoot as these birds are a bit wacky! :)
reply by avmurray on 11-Feb-2019
    You are more than welcome Allan.
Comment from alaskapat

Beautiful stop action shot of this awesome brown pelican in a jump!you froze the water that he has kicked up with his movement! This is a wonderful image, the pelican is so interesting, your focus is spot on , the image is absolutely clear, beautiful details are easily seen all the way through from his bill to his feet! Nice eye contact too! Well managed exposure, colors and tones are natural, I love the sea color as background it really showcases this pelican well ! This is beautiful work Allan and it deserves that sixth star, unfortunately I am out ! Well composed with perfect placement in frame, well presented! This was a pleasure to view! Wishing you the best in the contest!

 Comment Written 07-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 08-Feb-2019
    Thanks Pat, your words and feelings are worth much more than a 6 rating, I greatly appreciate your comments.
    Glad you like this image. I doubt if pelicans frequent Alaska! :)
reply by alaskapat on 08-Feb-2019
    It?s my pleasure! No Pelicans here!