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Megara and her man

Meg and Hercules

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Comment from Jade P

This is a fine piece of cartoon art . Love the fine blending the color depth and background is a lovely picture . Very detailed and centered . Congratulations!!!

 Comment Written 11-Feb-2019

Comment from Christine Rohr

I wish I worked that fast. Takes me forever to do drawings and watercolor. This is great and immediately recognizable. Showed it to a Disney fan who loved it as well. I think you capture emotion in the facial expressions and body language really well.

 Comment Written 10-Feb-2019

Comment from csimmons032

I have not watched this movie in a really long time, but from what I can tell you did a really great job. The details are incredible and you can definitely tell that you put a lot of work into it. Well done and thanks for sharing. :)

 Comment Written 10-Feb-2019

Comment from Envision

You are so good at these characters. The pose is very nice and shows their personalities very well. The colors are so clean and bright which makes them extra attractive.

 Comment Written 09-Feb-2019

Comment from Artistic Chick

Well, it's clear that he is a super-hero in Miranda's eyes. Or at least a Greek God. You used nice pleasing colors. And I like the method you used. I also like the romantic idea that you created this in. Nice.

 Comment Written 09-Feb-2019

Comment from Jodi Kay

Excellent job Miranda! I can see how much work this must have been! Excellent colors, detail and positions. You can feel the love! Well done!

 Comment Written 09-Feb-2019

Comment from GaliaG

Nice draw of this known story

nice technique, creativity and initial impact

good composition and presentation

thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 09-Feb-2019

Comment from blujdrawings

Great angle here of the composition. Lovely tones which don't interfere with the suttle parts of the image. Great work and thanks for sharing this on fan art review

 Comment Written 09-Feb-2019

Comment from seshadri_sreenivasan

A fine rendering of the comic book characters. The expressions are very endearing. The colours and the composition have worked well. Thanks for sharing!

 Comment Written 09-Feb-2019

Comment from jesuel

that's awesome a great piece of work the characters are beautifully done there figures are perfectly in proportion the color composition is great beautiful work here

 Comment Written 09-Feb-2019