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Bird of Prey U.K

Not sure of the species.

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Comment from Daphne Oberon

A great close up of a hawk or falcon would be my guess, but the red nose leather does make it look a bit buzzard-like. This does not look like a buzzard otherwise though to me. The buzzards over here in the Americas are pretty homely and most that I have seen are called "turkey vultures" and not nearly so handsome! I did a quick search of British Buzzards on the Internet and all could win an ugly prize in my estimation as well! I'd be interested if you do confirm what this is!... Some river-hawk of some kind? My admiration on the great close up! Daphne Oberon

 Comment Written 12-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 12-Feb-2019
    thank you so much. yes the species does seem to be a challenge to identify. but thanks for the very lovely response. we both share a deep fondness for everything nature related.
reply by Daphne Oberon on 12-Feb-2019
    I wrote a reply to yours about the hawk but it disappeared before I could send it out -- not sure what happened or if you got it. Anyway, I agree that we share nature related interests! Could tell you some interesting wild bird stories but trying not to overwhelm you at present so you get a chance to catch up! Daphne
reply by Daphne Oberon on 12-Feb-2019
    One more thought on this bird; I found a species in Africa on the Internet that looked identical, but dismissed it due to the location. Then it occurred to me, if no one identifies it as an English bird, it could have escaped from a zoo or aviary... Sorry I did not bookmark the page about the African bird as I forgot the name now. It was some carrion-eating eagle-type bird of prey with red nose leather. Leave it to me to come up with some far-fetched explanation -- but, if as I say, no one can identify it as an English species, I suppose this would not be beyond the realm of possibility... Did I tell you that I worked as the manager of import export of birds for pet shops in the US for a while? I might have continued for longer except I got a fungus under my finger nails that made them fall off and also as usual with commercial animal oriented industries, they made me livid about the unnecessary abuse and loss of animal life; I would receive truckloads of hot sick birds, some worth thousands of dollars a piece. I know a lot about the care of and rehabilitation of sick birds!! An average of 200 birds a day passed through my bird "kennel", plus a few tortoises, reptiles and etc...... Not sure if I told you. After that job I went back to working with horses and soon after left Texas and went to work for the mogul in OHIO... Many years later I worked for a short time for an exotic aviary and startup exotic animal farm in San Diego that had a few hundred birds -- last wage earning job I had. PTSD and stress level finally crippled my ability to handle that kind of work anymore, so I turned to my writing -- the rest you know the gist of!! (I had many strange and mystical experiences with birds though; I guess I can communicate with them and them with me sometimes; probably many people can but don't realize it; a strange yet familiar consciousness somehow.... I will share sometime... (If anyone else besides Mr. Jones reads this, think what you like and enjoy it for what it is worth! I attribute no significance to these experiences -- just relating them...) Daphne
reply by the author on 13-Feb-2019
    this bird was not a wild one. it was chained to a perch. it was outside a church during christmas. some one else was saying it could be a male, golden eagle, the colours do match. many thanks for looking it up and your time.
reply by Daphne Oberon on 13-Feb-2019
    Oh I see, but classic Golden eagle's don't have red nose leather and from the eye to the bill is flat with a much larger bill, not a rounded profile ... this tiny bill is almost a parakeet bill in comparison to a golden eagle ... one of many photos but I chose this one as what I an saying is so evident in it:
reply by Daphne Oberon on 13-Feb-2019
    Also thanks for the info on the horses -- as a species it is scary how diseases can wipe the population out suddenly in an area -- sleeping sickness in Mexico, toxoplasmosis I think it was in Russia wiped out the Arabian Horse breeding program and so on... I will read up on what you told me as soon as I get the chance to really study up on what is going on! I pray that they have a good vaccine!
reply by the author on 13-Feb-2019
    yes you are correct about the bill shape. thanks for showing picture.
reply by the author on 13-Feb-2019
    from what i know, racing will resume again soon. yes a big worry of any flu in the world.
reply by Daphne Oberon on 13-Feb-2019
reply by the author on 15-Feb-2019
    many thanks for sending over daphne. hopefully at the weekend can sit down and take a look.
Comment from cleo85

I am not sure of the species, but I think it might be a Merlin [falco columbarius] or an Eurasian Kestrel [falco tinnunculus]. You might be Google these two species or look them up at WIKIPEDIA since I am in some pressure of time and cannot search right now.
The close up looks perfect to me. The details and colors are pin-sharp and seem perfectly defined. The bird is well emphasized by the background. The framing is excellent for the close up portrait. The composition is balanced.

 Comment Written 11-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 11-Feb-2019
    oh wow that is ace info and will add to the notes, i'm sure it might be and many thanks for the wonderful review and perfect six..
reply by cleo85 on 11-Feb-2019
    My pleasure!
Comment from GaliaG

A very impressive head shot of a very impressive bird

excellent technique, creativity and initial impact

good composition and presentation

thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 11-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 12-Feb-2019
    many thanks for super words.
Comment from blujdrawings

Nice work here, lovely composition and good richness of colours that come through. I really like the background here and contrast and saturation is good. Thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 10-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 12-Feb-2019
    many thanks for the brilliant report.
Comment from avmurray

I am sure Sange will know what kind of bird this is, but whether it is an eagle or not, it is truly beautiful and you have pictured it so well. Especially the bright and shiny eye is well pictured, and I also like the bright background. It makes the bird stand out in such an excellent way. The filters you have used has brought out so well the fine textures of the feathers.

Your photo is very sharp showing such clear and well defined details in every part of the bird, and the exposure is spot on.

The format you have cropped the photo into works so well, and the bird has got a perfect placement within the frame. Indeed a lovely and well taken bird portrait Vincent, and with an excellent DOF.

 Comment Written 10-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 12-Feb-2019
    wow that is great review annie and many thanks. although some great suggestions is still a bit of a mystery.
reply by avmurray on 12-Feb-2019
    You are more than welcome Vincent.
Comment from iPhone7

A striking image indeed Vincent. The majestic look of this magnificent bird is enhanced wonderfully by your after photo work.

The orange is so well accented by the dark feathers and dramatic beak. Well done Vincent ~ Steve

 Comment Written 10-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 12-Feb-2019
    many thanks steve, yes it was a good surprise to it up close.
Comment from Linda Engel

Looks like it is in the hawk family. Beautiful details in the feathers and I love the orange on his face. Awesome cropping to show us the details. Excellent focus and lighting. Eagles would have white heads.
He is certainly a handsome bird and you your photo is spot on great.

 Comment Written 10-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 12-Feb-2019
    thank you so very much linda.
Comment from Sange

What is throwing me off is the color orange around the Beak. It really looks like a Golden Eagle. I am basing this on the beak coloring and shape as well as the head feathers and coloring. It is not a buzzard. In the Eagle species the males are much smaller than the females which are a third of the size larger.
Fine close up profile with crisp strong details and fantastic eye clarity.
Beautiful work Master~J!

 Comment Written 10-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 12-Feb-2019
    oh that is great sange, yes is possible the to be a male golden eagle.
Comment from seshadri_sreenivasan

This is a wonderful close-up shot of the bird. Looks like eagle to me! You have framed it well. The light and shadows, colours and the composition have worked out well. Good effort!

 Comment Written 10-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 12-Feb-2019
    thank you very much indeed.
Comment from csimmons032

No matter what kind of bird this is, you got an excellent shot of it. Your focus, framing, and lighting are all good. I especially like the angle of this photo. Whatever filters you used for this photo create a nice painted look that I like as well. Well done and thanks for sharing. :)

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 Comment Written 10-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 12-Feb-2019
    thank you so very much for awesome review and kind words.
reply by csimmons032 on 12-Feb-2019
    You're welcome for both. :)