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Opposite Forces

16 x 20 inch, oil on canvas

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Comment from Bruceiorio

Very nice composition.
Good imagination and technique.
Fine color and shading.
Good design with the tree grasping and unifying the forces. Nice details.
And you still found time.

 Comment Written 14-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 14-Mar-2019
    Thank you so very much, Bruce for the highest raiting, for your great review and comment! I appreciate your support!!!
reply by Bruceiorio on 14-Mar-2019
Comment from RebeccaS4684

I really like this one, Lucus! I see all ALL kinds of oppisite forces in this painting. The clock on one side with the flowering buds on the other suggest, to me, anyway, that the "young and the old". I also see "cold and warmth" and maybe even good and evil there. Well it!

 Comment Written 13-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 13-Mar-2019
    Correct! It's time for the positive changes! Thanks! Appreciate your review and feedback!
Comment from CREZart

Interesting piece of art work. Not only that but thought provoking. I would say
Light verses dark
Life and death
Pasting of time into a new spring and new rejuvenation of joy and beauty.
Thanks for posting, well done.

 Comment Written 13-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 13-Mar-2019
    You're exactly right! Thank you very much for the awsome review and your comments!
Comment from Brady Nielson

Wow this is really an awesome piece of art! The use of color is really nice as it makes everything in the foreground stand out so well. The detail on the watch is amazing! Thanks for sharing this with pay need piece of art!

 Comment Written 13-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 13-Mar-2019
    Thanks, Brady!!! I appreciate your review!
Comment from Stringbean

Opposite Forces.....a wonderful title that sells this art work. I like your thought process creating this art and your storytelling.
Good initial impact made using colors opposite the color wheel and love the beauty created with both seasons. A good visually with the extremes of the blue stark winter against the warmth of the summer against the force of the sun.
Beautiful movement created in your winter scene. A good balance of tones and shapes and colors. A creative and talented art work. You play with light and shadows creates depth and interest Thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 13-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 13-Mar-2019
    Thank you so much for your great review and encouraging comments! !!
reply by Stringbean on 23-Mar-2019
    You are more than welcome Lucas!
    Mary Lynn
Comment from Artistic Chick

Hmmm.. does this have anything to do with dad lights saving time? I like this force of each side...the side of sun, and Clear skies when things are in bloom. Then the side of darkness when it's cold, damp, dark and the trees are barren of any life. Your work is a nice story telling piece.

 Comment Written 13-Mar-2019

reply by the author on 13-Mar-2019
    Thank you! I ment time for changes in general, including the seasons.
Comment from suzannethompson2

Very imaginative painting, Lucas, showing the opposing forces of Nature - night and day, winter and summer with the snow and bright sunlight. I love the colours you used in this - very eyecatching - and the fob watch showing the passage of time. I'm so pleased you use your imagination when you paint. Lovely composition. Suzanne

 Comment Written 19-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 19-Feb-2019
    Thank you very much Suzzanne!
reply by suzannethompson2 on 19-Feb-2019
    You're very welcome!
Comment from csimmons032

I see the warm and the cool colors contrasting with one another, the sun and the moon contrasting with one another, also the living flowers and fruit contrasting with the empty side on the right. I am thinking the clock represents the end of the lifespan of those flowers and fruit, which will eventually start new. You did a beautiful job with this scene. So vibrant, colorful, and creative. Well done and thanks for sharing this. :)

 Comment Written 18-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 18-Feb-2019
    Awesome! Thanks so much for your generous review!!!
reply by csimmons032 on 09-Mar-2019
    You're welcome. :)
Comment from David Ruhl

I think you have another masterpiece here Lucas! Excellent design and use of color to depict multiple contrasts. I see the sun and moon, Spring (flowers), Autumn (fruit), and Winter (bare branches). I see warm and cold, and light and darkness. The watch is a nice addition to remind us that all of these changes are an effect of passing time. Well done young man!


 Comment Written 18-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 18-Feb-2019
    This is correct! Thank you so much, Dave!!!
Comment from seshadri_sreenivasan

Interesting artwork. You seem to have drawn your inspiration from Nature and Father Time! I like the complimetary colours balancing themselves. Overall visually exciting. Good efort!

 Comment Written 18-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 18-Feb-2019
    Thank you very much Sesha!!!