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A walk in the park

a walk in the park

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Comment from Kelly Grant

This is a great photo and very fitting for the song title! Great clarity! I wish you luck in the contest! Keep up the good work! Awesome job!

 Comment Written 20-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 21-Feb-2019
    thank you
Comment from GaliaG

interesting entry for the contest, good luck with it

still, the colors and contrast need to be adjust and the focus is very soft and this is why I gave you a lw rate

thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 20-Feb-2019

reply by the author on 20-Feb-2019
    thank you Galia, I do appreciate what you are saying, but I am not a photographer, however with my mobile sometimes capture interesting snaps. I do not know how to mess them about for those results photographers get, as I am basically a painter, woodcarver and clay person. To be honest, I only really want to share the strange and at times amusing snaps I manage to get. At times I have even gone abroad with no camera at all when the devil has been jumping on my tail, as when I went to Pakistan to teach then I paint what I see. I loved this one, as they were holding a pop concert in this square in Sofia, when these priests with a massive bag came wandering through! My son did buy me a good camera some years ago, but it got stolen, and yes, those pictures were so much clearer, but such goods disappear like magic. I always had some good watches /to time pupils' tests with, incase the science watch I wear normally konks out, but they too have all been stolen, infact gt grandparents certs and mum's birth certs also, the list is endless./