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Battle of Kings

Watercolor wash on cold press paper/slight crop

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Comment from Envision

I am amazed that you can create such phenomenal detail in the bear's fur color and texture with watercolors! I really like how realistic the eye is, as well as the entire fish too. Great use of colors on the fish too.

 Comment Written 23-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 24-Apr-2019
    Thank so much. I loved the bear the moment I saw him fishing. Tried to do right by him. Hope he would like it!
Comment from Stringbean

I enjoyed reading your artist notes and like the storytelling with your art work .....also impressed with your fishing skills. Beautiful brush strokes and blending and shading of colors. Good body and facial proportions. Gorgeous eyes and facial features and nice expression created on his face. Your play with light and shadows creates depth and interest in your Mixed Media. Outstanding work and thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 17-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 17-Apr-2019
    I really appreciate the way you go through your reviews and all the positive comments. I am so glad you enjoyed it.
reply by Stringbean on 02-May-2019
    You are more than welcome Christine!
    Mary Lynn
Comment from cleo85

This painting interrelates the way of nature excellently. Fight, eat or be eaten. Even as he is still fighting, King Salmon seems to loose. The bear is just too strong and greedy for food. The gleam in the bears eye and the limited color of the seem to intensify the mental impression the viewer get of the event. The painting is well done, showing refinement at both animals and the splashing water.

 Comment Written 17-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 17-Apr-2019
    Thank you so much for the wonderfully detail review. I am glad you found I was true to my subject.
reply by cleo85 on 17-Apr-2019
    You're more than welcome. :o)
Comment from MKFlood

very cool creation. the facial expression is great. the body form and language is great. the shading is great. the depth is great. the details is great. the blend of the colors is great. the creation is balanced and very eye appealing to the viewer. creative and awesome work overall. (clapping)

 Comment Written 16-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 16-Apr-2019
    Clapping! You are funny. Love reading your comments. Thanks for the great review.
Comment from avmurray

You just have to accept it Christine, a bear like this is so much more strong than you are. LOL You have pictured it so well, and I especially like the fine textures you have brought out in the fur of the bear, and also the eye is well done. Perhaps the fish needs stronger colors, but the neutral background is perfect.

This is done paying really good attention to details, and with excellent brush work. I also like the way you have used high lights.

The format and framing is perfect, and the bear has got a very good placement off to the left, so that the fish is well shown on the right. Indeed a great looking and well done water color painting, and I wish you luck with the contest.

 Comment Written 16-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 16-Apr-2019
    Just got in and got your review. Thanks a million for this review. I thought about the fish. It was what he looked like but as you and I both know there is always artistic license!!
    Thanks again.
reply by avmurray on 17-Apr-2019
    You are more than welcome Christine.
Comment from Hilma A.

This is an incredible painting and more impressive to me is that it is in watercolor! I've tried watercolors and feel they're waaay more different than oils.
This is a beautiful painting full of action and so realistic.

 Comment Written 16-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 16-Apr-2019
    You have made my day. I really appreciate your wonderful review and feel humble by it. My guess is most watercolorists would say I should be painting in oil!! LOL. Have never tried them. Maybe someday.
Comment from GaliaG

Wow, amazing paint

excellent technique, story telling and composition

good presentation and initial impact

thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 16-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 16-Apr-2019
    Thanks so much Galia for this amazing review. I am glad you enjoyed it.
Comment from ArtistCharles

Nice watercolor of the feeding bear and its bounty. There are nice details in both the bear and the salmon. What I am missing is the sense of strength and power in the physical presence. It just feels very passive. Good colors and well seen.

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 Comment Written 15-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 16-Apr-2019
    Interesting as I hoped to capture that with just the look in the eye. I have been looking at Frederick Remington and his work as maybe some inspiration.
Comment from Shadow catcher

this is Fantastic,you were able to get a lot of detailing in the bear's fur,and the salmon,the eyes are very clear and very well defined in both.Perfect tittle for this incredible piece,you set the standard very high for watercolor art. Very beautiful and a super contest entry,wish you all the best!

 Comment Written 15-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 15-Apr-2019
    Thanks a million for this review. I appreciate all the comments and your best wishes.
Comment from Sange

Christine! This is off the chain Spectacular!
I can't believe the detail you created along with the realist eye on both the bear and the salmon. I never knew water color paint can bring out so much details.
While you were fishing, I would be burning through memory cards taking a billion photos.
This is wall hanging worthy fantastic!
My new favorite of yours!
Impressive work girl!!

 Comment Written 15-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 15-Apr-2019
    Many hugs Sange. Thanks so much for this wonderful review. I snapped a million photos bet yours would be better than mine. But they serve me well. I loved the bears. Fierce and strong they look slow and but they can really move. great fishers they are too.
reply by Sange on 15-Apr-2019