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Entry to Wormsloe Ruins

This is the entryway to Wormsloe Ruins

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Comment from alaskapat

Hi Lori, what a stunning view! I love the canopy of trees framing this entry into the ruins!love the diminishing perspective as the road disappears. , this is of course well focused, the image is clear, exposure is perfect, the colors and tones are natural. This is well composed and presented! Best wishes to you in the contest!

 Comment Written 23-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 24-Apr-2019
    Thank you Pat=) We just got back from visiting my daughter in Georgia and there were so many beautiful things to see=) Thanks again! Have a great day! Lori
Comment from Patti C

This is a very nicely composed photo. I like the road leading us down farther to see what's there and the moss hanging from the trees. The color is very natural looking. I do have a suggestion for you to try, because I also like the tree and branch structures very much. I know it's a little dark in there, but try and lighten it a bit, then check for contrast so the trees and branches stand out a bit more. I really like this photo. Good job.

 Comment Written 23-Apr-2019

reply by the author on 23-Apr-2019
    Thanks so much for the very nice review! Have a great day! Lori
reply by Patti C on 23-Apr-2019
    You?re very welcome