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Smoky Mountain Air

Overlooking Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg, TN

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Comment from cleo85

I like tour POV and that you included the railing from the overlook. This gives the viewer the feel to be right there. The long view over the valley to the mountains in the background is intriguing. The photo has good depth and is well focused. Details are nicely defined. The textures of the trailing are interesting. I appreciate the realistic colors and the well balanced framing.

 Comment Written 22-May-2019

Comment from alaskapat

Nice view of the Smoky Mountains in the background under the deep blue sky with white cloud detail, I like the fresh green trees and the wooden fence leading to the mountains. This is well focused, the image is clear, exposure is well managed, colors and tones are natural. Well composed and presented!

 Comment Written 22-May-2019