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Winter in lone elk park

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Comment from adriansart

What an absolutely gorgeous looking image, I love everything about this especially that misty and cold regression as it goes into the distance!
The portrait formal really works, with those vertical tree these make a great abstract all on there own, and the from one with the only real colour is perfectly placed and the snow is the icing on the cake, I would give a 6 if I had any! Good luck with the contest!

 Comment Written 26-Jun-2019

Comment from T. Kay

This is a wonderfully peaceful composition. I love the soft browns contrasted by the snow. Great depth of field as well. Very nice. Great entry!

 Comment Written 25-Jun-2019

Comment from cakemp55

Lovely misty representation of the cold. I love the remaining golden leaves left on these tall winter trees which adds colour and interest. Nicely composed with enough lighting to see some of the detail of the leaves, well done.

 Comment Written 25-Jun-2019

Comment from Shadow catcher

This is a lovely scene,I really like the trees dark against the snow,some still stubbornly hanging onto their leaves. Either it is snowing very fine,or it is also foggy out,love how the trees start to fade the further into this photo you look. An excellent image,I wish you all the best in the contest!

 Comment Written 25-Jun-2019

Comment from suzannethompson2

Very good entry for the contest. Lovely capture showing the mist through the trees and the snow-covered ground - makes you feel cold just to look at it! I like that you can see a few gold coloured leaves clinging to the branches. Very good lighting and focus. Good luck in the contest. Suzanne

 Comment Written 25-Jun-2019

Comment from suffolkbrian

Certainly looks cold in this and the vertical format suits this one,the snow is slightly blown out,but seems to add to the overall coldness in this,nicely composed scene...Brian

 Comment Written 25-Jun-2019

Comment from GaliaG

Excellent capture of the snow and the fog

good composition, presentation, creativity and initial impact

good focus and clarity

thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 25-Jun-2019

Comment from seshadri_sreenivasan

I like this work because it is so classical in its concept and execution and in its atmosphere; The light, colour and the composition have worked well. Good luck!

 Comment Written 25-Jun-2019

Comment from Hilma A.

Wow! This beautiful, haunting, and serene all at the same time. I often think of a line in a song that says so much to me: "silence has the right to be heard". The mist, snow and quietude of this scene speaks to me. Thank you for sharing.

 Comment Written 24-Jun-2019

Comment from Kelly Kiley

wow!! hat a wonderful picture you have here.. love the tall, tall trees!!!! wonderful shot!!! you are very, very talented!! and have a great eye!!!!!

 Comment Written 24-Jun-2019