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Glasses from 1950 Era

Coourful glasses from 1950s

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Comment from Envision

The patterns of these glasses are very pretty and colorful. The designs make for an interesting image and stand out so nice against the dark background.

 Comment Written 02-Jul-2019

reply by the author on 03-Jul-2019
Comment from suffolkbrian

Colorfull for sure and deserves to be in the contest as such,good job you were at the same level as the glasses as looking down on them would not have worked as well,thanks for entering the contest...Brian

 Comment Written 02-Jul-2019

reply by the author on 02-Jul-2019
    thanks for your nice review
reply by suffolkbrian on 02-Jul-2019
    your welcome
Comment from Linda Wetzel

This image takes me down memory lane when my mother would serve southern style sweet tea with a sprig of fresh mint to us in these glasses. At first glance this image made me think of an abstract bed of colorful tulips. I like that the dark background allows the colorful dots to be the star. The light reflections on the glass are excellent

 Comment Written 30-Jun-2019

reply by the author on 30-Jun-2019
    well thanks,,,I just love these,
reply by Linda Wetzel on 30-Jun-2019
Comment from alaskapat

I love these glasses with the colored circle pattern, well photographed with good focus, the image is clear, exposure is well managed , the colors are awesome and appear natural. Well composed against the black background, this is an interesting image and a good entry for this contest! Best wishes to you!

 Comment Written 30-Jun-2019

reply by the author on 30-Jun-2019
    thanks very much