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In the Lily Garden

Lily flower

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Comment from Envision

The lighting in this image is super attractive. I like how it accentuates the colors of the flower. The textures stand out well and I think the sharpness of the water droplets looks good.

 Comment Written 28-Jul-2019

Comment from eileen0204

Simple and gorgeous Charles.

Love all the colors presented here and all the natural lighting which makes this even more special.

Wonderful job and good luck!

 Comment Written 17-Jul-2019

Comment from cleo85

The colors and light are most impressive. The petals of the water lily are exquisitely emphasized by the darker colored surroundings. The flower is excellently focused. The petals are sharp and refined. The dew drops invent a feel of freshness. The contradiction of the crisply presented flower with the softer bud and leaves is intriguing. The photo is well composed, balanced and framed.

 Comment Written 17-Jul-2019

Comment from alaskapat

This is a beautiful water lily, well photographed with spot on focus, the image is clear, exposure is well managed, colors and tones appear natural, I love the pink to yellow tones, well composed allowing a good sense of this location, well presented! Best wishes to you in this contest!

 Comment Written 16-Jul-2019

Comment from Linda Wetzel

The yellow center of this water lily makes it appear to be lit from within. I love the curled lily pads and the variety of green colors you captured in them. The touches of blue add depth.

 Comment Written 16-Jul-2019