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The Rescue

Posoiden, sea God, mermaid rescue

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Comment from Renate-Bertodi

I rather like this Neptune capturing a mermaid. The two opposite colours of blue and yellow go well together, with a smattering of green. As it is such an odd subject, anything is permissable in the picture to make it more interesting, light beams from light houses, huge waves. These are sea-people so their faces can be anything, as they are not landlubbers. Love it.

 Comment Written 10-Dec-2019

reply by the author on 10-Dec-2019
    Happy you liked this one. It was fun to do. I am hoping to make a series of 5 in similar theme for my ATCs. Thank you for reviewing,Brenda
reply by Renate-Bertodi on 10-Dec-2019
    this will be a super theme. You live by the sea so I can see how you can mix fact and fiction.
reply by the author on 10-Dec-2019
    Thank you. You are a perfect encourager :) Danke
reply by Renate-Bertodi on 10-Dec-2019
    I was a teacher all my life and a tutor half my life, so it is my job. I do not believe in failure, but I do believe that too many people try to do that which sounds 'good' not that which they are 'good' at and it is quite difficult to re-motivate them. by this I mean, for instance, the Somali girls all had a craze to be midwives, so I had to make them see that nurse training across the board is good and if they still feel like that later, they can move over. Part of a college teachers job to move my charges into the right direction.
Comment from Mr Jones

it came out really nicely brenda. really nicely formed and all of the body shapes are fantastic. the facial expressions are fine i think, when i draw i always find faults but the expression and artistic value (on this one) if just great.

 Comment Written 01-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 01-Oct-2019
    Thank you. Your critique much appreciated. This nearly went in the bin, however I rarely give up and adjust if I can. The pens are a new way for me. Tricky as you can't cover mistakes or rework but I do like them.
reply by Mr Jones on 01-Oct-2019
    your style is dynamic my friend. loving your work.
reply by the author on 01-Oct-2019
    Thank you
Comment from Linda Wetzel

Brenda, I like the expressive strokes you used in creating this scene. There is movement and a sense of urgency. I do not think you did a bad job on the faces. Faces are difficult and I still struggle doing them. You are right, practice makes you better. I look back on my first faces and think they were primitive compared to the still sorry ones I do now, lol. Keep going!

 Comment Written 30-Sep-2019

reply by the author on 01-Oct-2019
    Thank you, really appreciated your remarks. I had a quick look through your posts I hope you don't mind. I think your work is super. Your faces in particular are varied in their art form. Great inventions. Some lovely clever artwork there.