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Jagger in situ

Mick Jagger sings on stage concert

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Comment from Renate-Bertodi

I also use Sharpies to create whole pictures and also to tighten up paintings, as I find acrylic not so easy to handle as water colours, if brighter and bolder. Well, the woman's hair looks very familiar, not sure about the mans, I wasn't a Jagger fan, more Bachelors and Beatles.

 Comment Written 12-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 13-Oct-2019
    Thank you for your support and review always appreciated. I love to see these two performing together. I loved Beatles, Bachelors too and many others. The pop scene in those days was so exciting. This was inspired by Band Aid.
Comment from Lucysmom072718

Nice job. The picture is clear and the focus is good too. The lighting is also very good. I think it's perfect the way it is. Nice entry and good luck to you.

 Comment Written 11-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 13-Oct-2019
    Ok for your cut and paste review. Always the same. I am grateful for reviews and also good critiques. Thank you.
Comment from Darth Chelios

I love this piece!
I'm a huge Tina Turner and Rolling Stones fan!
I loved when they performed together!
She taught him how to dance :-)
Great work and excellent detail!

 Comment Written 11-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 11-Oct-2019
    Thanks so much, I loved your enthusiasm, they are some best favourites of mine too. Some magic there when they perform together.
reply by Darth Chelios on 11-Oct-2019
    My pleasure!
Comment from GaliaG

A very impressive paint, mainly from the facial expression on the male singer

excellent use of colors, good technique and initial impact

thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 10-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 10-Oct-2019
    Thank you come ts and rating appreciated
Comment from Dick Lee Shia

Aptly captured for the contest theme...
Excellent choice of subject.
Is that a duet with Tina Turner?
Harmonious colors. Tad tight below frame cropping their feet...but still a good entry!

Best of luck in the contest!

Thanks for sharing...

 Comment Written 10-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 10-Oct-2019
    Thank you rating and comments are appreciated. Chopped off feet lol that was my way of looking up at the stage and vision blurred with stage lighting. Yes its a duet but didnt do Tina' s face as only one famous person called for. To do both might have disqualified me.
Comment from Linda Wetzel

This composition has lots of movement from your strokes. The posture and face of the male reminds me of Mick Jagger. The female figure reminds me of Tina Turner. This is a good entry for this contest.

 Comment Written 09-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 10-Oct-2019
    Thank you for reviewing.. appreciated...and yes thats who i was trying to do. Only one face though as only one famous asked for in comp and if I did both might have disqualified me.
reply by Linda Wetzel on 10-Oct-2019
    I think it is very well done and I wish you the best. Faces are really hard for me and I think you did splendidly.
reply by the author on 10-Oct-2019
    Thank you.
reply by Linda Wetzel on 10-Oct-2019
Comment from alaskapat

Wow Brenda! I love this! I love The Rolling Stones and here you have created him up on stage, very well shaped face and facial structure is good, that's Mick Jagger and it looks like he is performing along with Tina Turner who is another favorite of mine! You did an amazing job in creating both of them ,you put them both is such realistic poses!this makes me wish I could hear the song they are performing! Well presented! Best wishes to you in this contest!

 Comment Written 09-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 10-Oct-2019
    State of Shock, It's only Rock and Roll Live Aid. I think. I got the idea from photographs and looking up You Tube. Thank you for your review and great remarks and support.
Comment from suzannethompson2

Excellent entry for the contest, Brenda. Love how you presented this image of Mick Jagger performing on stage. The faceless one could be Tina Turner - looks like her hair! I like the colours you used in this. Great use of light and shade. Excellent composition. Good luck in the contest. Suzanne

 Comment Written 09-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 10-Oct-2019
    Yes you are right. I only did one face as the comp called for a famous person and I thought two might disqualify me. Than you for your review really appreciated
reply by suzannethompson2 on 10-Oct-2019
    You're welcome!