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Flower Mandala

Flower and wheel in one

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Comment from cleo85

Radiant power and fast movement seems to rule this creation. The color at the center seem to rotate in opposite direction. Powerful spikes and ray seem to erupt from the center-movement into the quieter regions of the red and green sounding. The colors are pleasant. The composition is balanced and framed well.

 Comment Written 12-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 14-Oct-2019
    Thanks a lot Cleo for your time and kind comments
reply by cleo85 on 14-Oct-2019
    You're most welcome. :o)
Comment from Zilyram

Once again a good combination of colors in the spiral wheel and the vignette works well. They look like paper scrolls coming out from the centre point. Nice one.

 Comment Written 12-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 12-Oct-2019
    Thank you very much for your lovely feedback
Comment from Lucysmom072718

Nice job. The picture is clear and the focus is good too. The lighting is also very good. I think it's perfect the way it is. Nice entry and good luck to you.

 Comment Written 11-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 12-Oct-2019
    Thank you
Comment from Felicia Beaux

I enjoy the kaleidoscope design and layout of the art. The color choices here are welcoming and nicely combined. While you created a flower, it still allows the viewer to have their own perception of the art; which sows your talent. Nice work.

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 Comment Written 11-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 11-Oct-2019
    Thank you for comingin to review . I saw you just joined our community - welcome. I will help you shortly to understand how to feel safe in reviews as we all are unsecure at the beginning. A presentation has to be strictly reviewd by composition and not by taste, as for example Picaso is perfect in his style but not evrybody likes his style what does not make it less perfect. So personal taste has to be put aside. For every fault we discount half a point and we have to mention WHAT that fault is ( contast , exposure, not balanced , contrast lighting, etc, you can read these criteria in the review rules - one point discount would mean two cardinal faults= 4 stars. When all is fine it becomes automatically a 5 star review. Every discount review eats up a golden star review and neutralizes the excellency of the piece. that is the basics and I allowed me to inform you as I can se you are new and you gave me a 4 star. Any rating also can be rectified if we make an error...I hope that was helpful, have a nice day, it oten is helpful to read some reviews from others to adapt to the system, xoxo
reply by Felicia Beaux on 11-Oct-2019
    Ok. I appreciate you letting me know! I made one other review based on taste or perception. I did feel awkward about it all. I hope to do better next time after I take time to read others reviews. Thank you!
reply by the author on 11-Oct-2019
    You are very welcome - we all go through the same learning process and it is bettr to know so nobody has to go through frustration as acting by own taste any review would become kind like bingo game without neutral criteria - we always can rectify and that is a good thing - I once hit be error the one star botton OMG, but the person knew immediatley that it was not on purpose loll and I quickly changed it again, so don't worry all is fine
Comment from Pamela Ruggiero

Hi again, Regina. This is beautiful as well. It looks like a flower blossom. With green leaves and a green/pink center. I just love your work. Thank you for sharing

 Comment Written 10-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 11-Oct-2019
    Thank you so much again for all your support
Comment from alaskapat

I like how this makes me think of looking through the kaleidoscope, the beautiful flower that is spinning like a wheel, the vivid colors starting in the center and spinning out and getting more and more vivid and coming alive as it moves out ! My favorite part in the red tones in the middle. Beautiful work , Regina!

 Comment Written 10-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 11-Oct-2019
    Thank you dearly again for your time and support
Comment from michiganmike

The Big Wheel Keeps On Turning and bringing us all the glorious colors we can imagine. A nicely composed image with all the fantastic colors you can imagine.

 Comment Written 10-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 11-Oct-2019
    Thank you kindly Mike
Comment from GaliaG

Nice symmetry, motion feeling and use of colors

good technique and creativity

good composition and presentation

a pleasure to view, thanks for sharing

 Comment Written 10-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 11-Oct-2019
    Thank you Galia
Comment from Charlie Newman

You certainly caught my eye this morning. I see spinning wheels, spinning petals, a kaleidoscope of colored fragments and more. This flows from the inside out like your creativity. The colors are vivid and vibrant. It is like a wake up call to jump in and catch the ride to the beauty that surrounds us in nature.

 Comment Written 10-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 11-Oct-2019
    Loll, glad I did and hope keep holding up with, thank you so much for your impressive review, happy reading it
Comment from Dick Lee Shia

Festive creation for the Yuletide!

Dynamic spinning wheel in floral motif.

Compact framing.
Just tad tight in the upper & lower frame.

Thanks for sharing...

 Comment Written 10-Oct-2019

reply by the author on 11-Oct-2019
    Thank you dearly again Dick