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Corsair Dawn

A drawing of a F 4U Corsair

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Comment from helvi2

Hi John, Very cool image of this airplane. Love how you show the motion of the propeller in the shot. I like the angular placement of the plane too. Very Nicely Done! :o) Helvi

 Comment Written 26-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 26-Feb-2020
    Thank you!

Comment from Patti C

Great job of perspective and proportions. The detail on the undercarriage and wheels is wonderful. The propeller movement is very nice and makes me feel like it's revving up for takeoff. Very well done.

 Comment Written 25-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 25-Feb-2020
    Wow thank you for the nice review!

reply by Patti C on 26-Feb-2020
    You earned it. ;-)
Comment from Mary Robertson

I like your use of colored pencils. The accuracy of the way you drew the plane is great! I like the propellers and how you gave the effect of them turning. I feel the sky has interesting colors but could of been blended more so there wasn't such a sharp and definite contrast where one color ends and the other starts since it's making it hard to determine what is going on in the sky.

 Comment Written 23-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 23-Feb-2020
    Thank you for your input!

Comment from Neilnap773

Once again a nice presentation of this fine aircraft.The colours in the background work well and your attention to detail is excellent throughout

 Comment Written 22-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 22-Feb-2020
    Thank you!

Comment from A73X1S

Beautiful useage of colors! It almost looks as if it's morning the sun is rising plane is starting for a nice morning flight. Mood is perfect good job all around!

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 Comment Written 21-Feb-2020

Comment from Kelly Kiley

wow!! what a wonderful drawing, again!! you are very talented and can use the colored pencils.. your picture is very kool!! love how you make the plane look so real!! i do remember that movie!! love it!!!!

 Comment Written 20-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 20-Feb-2020
    Hey thank you for the compliments and the five stars!

reply by Kelly Kiley on 20-Feb-2020
    your very, very welcome!!! love it!!!
Comment from Kurt Fondriest

I like the way you applied the color pencil strokes here, very expressive. You also give us details in a essence style. I know I have mentioned the element of oil sticks over the color pencil which would give it a cool affect.Nice rendering skills.

 Comment Written 19-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 19-Feb-2020
    Thank you very much for your compliments and the 5 star rating you really made my day!
Comment from mamamary

I just reviewed another one of your pieces. I like the attention to detail. I can almost feel those propellers moving the air. Short story: I supervise students that want to become teachers. The last lesson I observed was about the wind. How you can feel it, but not see it. In your art I can see the effects the wind is having using the propellers. So, good job with that. The part that confuses me a bit is the sky. I think there is too much contrast of colors without a reason for it being there. The shading of the blue stops so abruptly, and then there is all of the yellow. I read through your notes to see if I could figure it out, but I couldn't. Overall, it is a good job, though.

 Comment Written 18-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 18-Feb-2020
    Thank you very much for your input and compliments I really appreciate it!

Comment from iPhone7

Great work on this one John. A great rendering of this famous plane.

I remember watching Black Sheep Squadron and Pappy Boyington.

It reminds me of my time in the Army as an instructor. I had 12 Army Instructors in my group and as the Course Manager I always took good care of my guys. They started calling me "Pappy" and it stuck with me for many years.

Great drawing and thanks for the memories John ~ Steve

 Comment Written 17-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 17-Feb-2020
    Thanks for the rating and sharing with me !

Comment from Sange

Great colors used here John. You have fine details on this plane. The movement of the propellers is incredible.
I believe I see the pilots head and his hand giving the wave for take off.
Fantastic work John ;)

 Comment Written 14-Feb-2020

reply by the author on 14-Feb-2020
    Wow thank for the outstanding compliments and the five stars!