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Drawing of Man

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Comment from iPhone7

Another God Inspired work my Spiritual Sister. This will be such a treasured tribute to this wonderful man that will be passed from generation to generation.

I always love your works of art as you know. You are just So Special.

Fabulous work my Sister and best of the best in the contest ~ Steve

 Comment Written 11-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 22-Oct-2020
    Dear Steve, I drew this for my daughter?s childhood friend. I?m trying to show him the Love of Christ. Unfortunately, he is rejecting our Lord. Please pray for his soul.
reply by iPhone7 on 22-Oct-2020

    Thank you for letting me know about this. I will certainly pray that our Lord touches him in the time and manner that HE has already chosen. Our Lord is the "Hound of Heaven" and He is relentless in going after His lost sheep. Very few go through their entire life without crying out to our Lord for help. His time will come and our Lord will be their waiting for his cry for help. I will pray for him as I do for you Linda ~ Steve
reply by the author on 22-Oct-2020
    Oh Steve, Thank you. You make my heart happy. Would you like a print of my newest drawing of Jesus.
reply by iPhone7 on 22-Oct-2020
    Making your heart happy is more than thanks. You are such a Good and Faithful Servant and a true Blessing to more people than you will ever know. I would be Blessed and Honored to display your newest drawing of our Lord. Thank you My Spiritual Sister.

    P.S. We are leaving for Mexico early next week and will be gone for 6-7 months. If you could possibly hold that print until we return that would be wonderful.
reply by the author on 22-Oct-2020
    May I ask why you are going to Mexico
reply by iPhone7 on 23-Oct-2020
    Since retiring 3 years ago we have spent 6-7 months in Mexico (Puerto Vallarta and Ajijic) relaxing and spending time with friends. No stress, no drama, just doing anything we want. Love the food and culture.
Comment from Sange

Lady Linda this is beautiful and your friend Vanessa will be very touched by your gift.
You did a fine job as usual. Your work often looks like a black and white Photograph.
He has kind eyes and the soft background and highlights of light make this emotive and special.
You are a Woman of Faith who shares your gift to so many.
Fine work ;)

 Comment Written 09-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 22-Oct-2020
    Again, I thank you so much for your uplifting words of support
Comment from Laprap

Very well done. The drawing of your friend who past (rest in peace) shows a nice subtle and sweet smile. The shading is perfect. nice hair with the curls. Everything looks even. Definitely worth the six star given to you by laprap.

 Comment Written 03-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 06-Jun-2020
    Thank you so very much for your kind review of my work. The 6 atar rating is always so coveted. I am honored.
Comment from James Harris1

Hello, a very fitting tribute to your old friend. You did well in honoring his memory. This is an excellent drawing. Great detail. Keep up the good work.

 Comment Written 03-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 06-Jun-2020
    Dear James, I want to thank you for your uplifting and encouraging review.
Comment from michiganmike

A beautiful drawing that captures the expression of confidence and hope very well. The contrasts are very good and the skin tones are excellent. Good luck in the contest.

 Comment Written 03-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 06-Jun-2020
    Dear Mike, thank you for your encouraging review.
Comment from cakemp55

Wonderful artwork of Alex and from a distant looks like a black & white photo. Excellent black and white rendition using graphite pencil for light and dark shading. You have given him such a real presence and glow...he looks like a really lovely person and you have given expression to that. A great contest entry, all the very best.

 Comment Written 03-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 07-Jun-2020
    I want to thank you for your encouragement and your very kind review.
Comment from nikman

A very good image posted here, but sorry to learn it is associated with such sad information. He certainly looks like a very handsome young man in your beautiful portrait. Like the contrast between the top and bottom. Nicely created!

 Comment Written 02-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 07-Jun-2020
    Thank you so much for mentioning the contrast. That is mostly what my art consists of, contrast between the dark and the light.
reply by nikman on 07-Jun-2020
    Glad I got something right!
Comment from JirinaInspire

What a impressive drawing of a man with interesting characters lines in the expression. Very well done and presented! The purpose of the this drawing is so nice and admirable!

 Comment Written 01-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 07-Jun-2020
    I am so grateful for the 6 star rating. Thank you for giving me one of yours. I appreciate your encouragement.
Comment from jesuel

what a great portrait the shading is well done the depth is great as well i like how you kept the co,position simple your pencil work worked out well fine work here

 Comment Written 01-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 07-Jun-2020
    Thank you, Jesuel. Your review of my work is so professional.
Comment from cleo85

I think this will be a cherished remembrance which brings back happy memories. The young man looks life-like. His expression is kind; his eyes seem to sparkle. The perspective is exact. I think that the shading across the bridge of the nose is not right because the nose seems crocked. The portrait is well framed.

 Comment Written 01-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 07-Jun-2020
    Thank you Cleo, for your very insightful, and encouraging review.
reply by cleo85 on 07-Jun-2020
    You're very welcome :o)