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Yellow remains

Yellow leaf remains

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Comment from Lucien van Oosten

I think the shot, focus on the leaf is good.
I do think the image would have been better if the background color was something other then white; like a dark shade of green, to help give the yellow a contrasting color to help give the image a more artistic feel.
I am also thinking the framing/cropping is to tight.
As it is, it looks way to sterile.

Have good rest of your day,

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 Comment Written 14-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 14-Jun-2020
Comment from Browncat

A piece of art for sure! You showcased the leaf well so that the viewer could examine every little turn. Excellent focus and nice color variation.

 Comment Written 13-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 13-Jun-2020
    Thank you so
Comment from cleo85

There is not much left of that leaf. I don't know which bug got to it, but someone seemingly stilled its hunger there. Leaf Cutter Ants might be the culprits. Your photo is well focused and exposed. I am impressed by the sharpness of detail. The colors are realistic. The framing is adequate. The composition is balanced.

 Comment Written 04-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 04-Jun-2020
reply by cleo85 on 05-Jun-2020
    You're most welcome :o)
Comment from michiganmike

A very nice looking subject that looks great against that clean white background. The details are well shown and the colors are perfect for this contest. Good luck in the voting.

 Comment Written 03-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 03-Jun-2020
    Thank you!
Comment from MKFlood

looks more like the bugs got it would say. the clarity is great. the capture of the light is great. the angle of the shot of this eaten up leaf is great. the image is balanced and eye appealing to the viewer. good eye and great job overall.

 Comment Written 03-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 03-Jun-2020
    Thank you!!🙂
Comment from nikman

Quite an interesting leaf shot posted here! Your fine and full composition offers us a good look at it. Reckon the shapes were caused by a combination of both weather and bugs. Exposure and sharpness are good. Nicely done!

 Comment Written 03-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 03-Jun-2020
    Thank you!!
Comment from Patti C

Camera's on phones are fantastic these days. The leaf has impeccable focus. The color is very nice, too. I like the composition with the leaf spines down showing the curvr. Very nice.

 Comment Written 03-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 03-Jun-2020
    Thank you!!
reply by Patti C on 03-Jun-2020
Comment from Sean T Phelan

Whatever it was that got to this leaf it left very little of it besides a skeleton and your fine looking photograph of it makes for a really 'Good Show' of a picture,my friend!
It's excitingly unusual and very enjoyable to view! : )

 Comment Written 03-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 03-Jun-2020
    Thanks friend!!
reply by Sean T Phelan on 03-Jun-2020
    You're welcome,Sgoolsby!
Comment from eileen0204

Well, this is pretty awesome!

Love the contrasts of the yellows, browns and the starkness of the paper background.

Really a special image and I wish you much luck!

 Comment Written 02-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 02-Jun-2020
    Thank you so much! Appreciate the review!!🙂
Comment from alaskapat

Wow, this looks like it was eaten by bugs, you have captured it well to show the details of the remains of this leaf left from last fall.
The golden color is standing out so very well from the white background.
This is well focused, this image is sharp and clear, exposure is correct, the colors and tones are natural.
Well composed and presented!

 Comment Written 02-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 02-Jun-2020
    I thought it looked cool!🙂