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Red Poppies

16 x 20 inch, oil on canvas

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Comment from Wolfdancer13

Beautiful painting of these rich red poppies, one of my favorites. I love your Monet like brushstrokes, a nice framed contrast of varied tones to explore surrounding your flowers and vase. The blues around the vase really pull my eye into its warmth. Your choice of using a palette knife really lends dimension and rich texture to your artistry. Lovely composition.

 Comment Written 22-Jan-2021

reply by the author on 22-Jan-2021
    You went through my portfolio?! I really appreciate your attention 😌! Nice and very unexpected review... may I ask why you haven't posted anything for almost two years? Your shots are different...I like your artistic approach.
    Thank you so much again! Glad you like that one.
reply by Wolfdancer13 on 22-Jan-2021
    Hi, Lucas. I absolutely went through your very rich and talented portfolio. I love when beautiful artistry and photography catches my eye. I find myself quite the fan of the fall of light and the beauty of color and am very preferential to fine art styling. I started with FanArt on its first day online. I used to write on FanStory so long ago. I actually became a professional photographer, so much of my time shifted to my business but I always found myself popping back in here from time to time, missing the inspiring expression of art from fellow photographers and artists. I have a few favorite photographers and artists I like to come back in and catch up with. This last year my studio's been shut down due to Covid, the year before my studio kept me on my toes. Being a creature of habit, I find myself, once again, back at one of my favorite spots. I hope you continue to fill your canvas with all the rich, imaginative beauty of color and light, texture and tone there is to explore. :)
Comment from Brenda Curley

This is a beautiful picture.
The colors of the flowers are brilliant and well detailed, as is the background.
I love the way you use the pallet knife through this work.I have used a pallet knife in my past painting and
enjoyed it.
It was really nice to see this in art work since it is not done that often.

 Comment Written 24-Oct-2020

reply by the author on 26-Oct-2020
    Wow! You surprised me Brenda! Glad you like this one. Thank you so much for your unexpected wonderful review 😊! I just checked your portfolio and couldn't find any art post. You mentioned enjoying using a palet knife in your painting. Have you posted any yet?
reply by Brenda Curley on 26-Oct-2020
    Hi Lucas!
    Your welcome.
    I just saw this note.
    I have mainly been doing photography for quite a while and became totally involved it it. But, I will paint again.
    Trying now to compile my thousands of
    photos!! Just posted for the - S contest and found this dog photo, Dog Taxi. You'll have to check it out!
    It's been way too long since I've actually done any serious art. When I saw you picture it brought back memories on how much I loved using the pallet knife-layering on the paint!
Comment from Brendaartwork18

Totally gobsmacki g gorgeous it's so flamboyant. The colours are popping and I think it is because of the blue. Beautiful texture given by your brush strokes and I wonder if you used a pallet knife. This will be one of my favourites

 Comment Written 18-Jul-2020

reply by the author on 18-Jul-2020
    Brenda, thank you so much for the highest 6star review and your encouraging comments! I appreciate you!
reply by Brendaartwork18 on 18-Jul-2020
    A special one is this. Cheers..
reply by Brendaartwork18 on 19-Jul-2020
    You are welcome
Comment from Esther Parr

I am in awe of your work! You are a very patient artist who takes time over their work and strives for the attention to detail. Super stuff.

 Comment Written 17-Jul-2020

reply by the author on 18-Jul-2020
    Esther, thank you very much for your generous rating and fantastic review!
Comment from Contests

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 Comment Written 17-Jul-2020

reply by the author on 17-Jul-2020
    Wowow! This seven star review is a huge honor! I am very thankful to all who voted for my work and the Contest Committee! !!
Comment from Donna Ruiz

This is such a stunning piece of art you have created, Lucas. I love poppies and your rendering of these is just spectacular. Your technique is amazing to bring real feeling into your work. The feeling I get viewing this is one of peace and tranquility. Thank you for that. We can all use a little peace and tranquility these days. You are a gift!

 Comment Written 12-Jul-2020

reply by the author on 13-Jul-2020
    Wow! You made my day bright Donna by giving me the spectacular review! I appreciate your support and six star rating!
Comment from Heather Eve Montez

This is beautiful!! Amazing you look so young from your profile picture but this looks like it's painted by a master. It's just great, well done

 Comment Written 11-Jul-2020

reply by the author on 11-Jul-2020
    Wow! You reviewed me inactive post with the gold medal?? Thank you so much Heather!!!
Comment from alaskapat

Hi Lucas, this is a fabulous painting of the red poppies in the neutral colored vase . The poppies are very realistic in their shape and structure , excellent attention to the details in the petals, the dark centers and in the buds, I also really appreciate the way you arranged the flowers in the vase to allow the various angles of view . The vase is also well created and I like the way the vase is rounded out in the bottom .
The background is also very pretty and I love the colors and the way you have applied them. It is always such a pleasure to view your work, I can see the time and thought and the love you put into each piece. This is truly a pleasure to view! Thank you for sharing these beautiful poppies with us!

 Comment Written 02-Jul-2020

reply by the author on 02-Jul-2020
    Dear Pat,
    This is truly a pleasure to read your detailed review of my work! As always you notice everything. I'm so grateful for the highest raiting and your encouraging comments!
Comment from Shadow catcher

A stunner,Lucas! I love poppies,and this is a beautiful painting,the fact that used a pallet knife shows just how versatile and accomplished an artist you truly are. This has such depth and realism,very well composed and well balanced,it's just PERFECT!

 Comment Written 01-Jul-2020

reply by the author on 01-Jul-2020
    LeeAnn, thank you very much for the perfect review!!!
Comment from Jodi Kay

Lucas this is just gorgeous! It is beyond perfection. Your colors and details are phenomenal. The blue is just perfect with the reds. Excellent work!

 Comment Written 01-Jul-2020

reply by the author on 01-Jul-2020
    Thanks a million for the gorgeous review! I appreciate the highest raiting and your comments Jodi Kay!