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Blue Dasher


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Comment from Susan F. M. T.

A beautiful stop action picture of the Blue Dasher Dragonfly in a Ballet dancer pose tail in the light glowing through it's gossamer wings & catching the sparkle in it's eye. All in razor sharp focus against the blurred background. Beautiful composition, framing & lighting taken with superb camera techniques & sharp focus.

 Comment Written 17-Jul-2020

reply by the author on 22-Jul-2020
    Thank you sooooo much Susan for the wonderful review and high rating. You know I truly appreciate it. Hope all is well with you. Aimee
Comment from Shadow catcher

What a fantastic photo for the contest,your dragonfly sounds like the perfect model,and this unique pose is proof of that. Your off center farming is perfect,he's very well focused and his coloration is beautiful. Just a wonderful photo,i wish you all the best in the contest!

 Comment Written 15-Jul-2020

reply by the author on 15-Jul-2020
    Thank you so very much for the 6 stars. You just made my day. And your detailed review is much appreciated. Thanks again!
Comment from michiganmike

A very nice shot. I like this composition and the great detail in the dragonfly. The pose is fantastic and the colors are excellent. Best wishes in the contest.

 Comment Written 15-Jul-2020

reply by the author on 15-Jul-2020
    Thanks Mike, I really appreciate that. Hope all is well with you.