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Feathered Rainbow

Close up of a Gorgeous Scarlet Macaw

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Comment from Brady Nielson

Congrats Sange!
This is a very beautiful image and a clear cut winner. The colors and pose of the bird are amazing and well captured. The focus shows an amazing amount of detail and the lighting is awesome! Beautiful, congrats on the winning entry!

 Comment Written 16-Sep-2020

reply by the author on 25-Sep-2020
    Thanks so much Brady! ;)
Comment from Contests

A contest winning entry! A seven star rating from the Contest Committee for posting the winning contest entry.

 Comment Written 16-Sep-2020

reply by the author on 25-Sep-2020
    Thank you ;)
Comment from avmurray

I really like the title you have given this photo Sunshine, and I also like the close and personal approach. The bird is posing for you in such a lovely way, and the feathers just look fantastic. I also like the green glow above the bird's head.

The photo is very sharp and it is indeed clear and well defined details to be seen in the feathers of the bird. The exposure is spot on and the colors are crisp and clear.

The tight cropping is working really well, and the bird has got a fine placement within the frame. A truly lovely and well taken photo and with an excellent DOF. I wish you luck with the contest.

 Comment Written 11-Sep-2020

reply by the author on 25-Sep-2020
    Tusen Takk Cara!!!
reply by avmurray on 25-Sep-2020
    You are more than welcome Sunshine.
Comment from Lucas Sizov

This is another phenomenal ??? shot! Absolutely ?? colorfull and perfect for the contest entry. Truly amazing! I think you should create more shots with your 35 lens. Excellent closeup portrait! The pose of the parrot ?? is great. I can see all the rainbow colors here. I'm sure this one is the ??? winner!!! Shining and stunning!!!!

 Comment Written 10-Sep-2020

reply by the author on 25-Sep-2020
    ;) Thank you so much LDD Bro!!!!
Comment from cleo85

Wow! Those colors are fascinating. The Macaw is perfectly focused. Your photo is excellently exposed. I am impressed by the sharpness of your capture. The photo has good depth. The dark background emphasizes the Macaw exquisitely. The framing is perfect. This portrait is expertly composed. The composition is balanced.

 Comment Written 10-Sep-2020

reply by the author on 25-Sep-2020
    Thank you Cleo
reply by cleo85 on 25-Sep-2020
    My Pleasure :o)