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In The Garden

Acrylic on Canvas

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I like the consistency of your strokes. Your detail work is spot on. I feel beauty and relaxation and want to walk through the gate to see more tranquility.

 Comment Written 08-Nov-2020

reply by the author on 08-Nov-2020
    Thank you
Comment from Sgoolsby

This is such a pretty artwork!
I love all the colors.
Really cool technique.
Very talented. Great detailing. Its a scene you just want to be in. Well done!

 Comment Written 07-Nov-2020

reply by the author on 07-Nov-2020
    Yay! Glad you enjoyed! Thank you for your feedback!
Comment from Lucas Sizov

welcome back Jewell!
This is 100% amazing ­???! Spring like colors, sunny weather! Great composition and depth! Excellent presentation! I can see your joy in your work! Bravo­???

 Comment Written 07-Nov-2020

reply by the author on 07-Nov-2020
Comment from JirinaInspire

Flower garden with the white gate and fence is a perfect painting for children's book that will lead them to beautiful place where they can dream and play. Great composition and superb colors with nice details.

 Comment Written 07-Nov-2020

reply by the author on 07-Nov-2020
    Thank you! Why a ?children?s? book?
Comment from Sean T Phelan

Hi Jewell!
That's a very attractive painting indeed,my friend!
There's a nice 'Dream Like' sort of a tone to it that makes it especially enjoyable to see!
A 'Good Show',my friend!

 Comment Written 07-Nov-2020

reply by the author on 07-Nov-2020
    Thanks so much! Nothing like painting your dreams!
reply by Sean T Phelan on 07-Nov-2020
    You're very welcome,Jewell!
Comment from Highfive

Your painting is a little blurred but it's still very pleasant to view in full color. The rich fiery colors bespeaks loud and clear "nature is beautiful, and should be respected by all. As a hold this a strong artistic statement vivid color, that shows your talent as an artist. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 06-Nov-2020

reply by the author on 06-Nov-2020
    I need to figure out which size is correct before posting because the website tells me anything bigger must be resized. This is troubling and needs to be reconciled. Ugh...
    Thank you for your kind thoughts!
reply by Highfive on 09-Nov-2020
    All work of arts most meet there format of 159 (megapixels). There's no exceptions. So if you paint something 20x16 inches it most be resized down to 159 megabytes in art program that resizes art and saved it as jpeg image. Fanart only accepts jpeg images on their website, which is the universal format in all websites. What's happening, you chose to keep the painting large and adjust the resolution, but it better to keep resolution and change size. After all the site is designed to accept small images over large because of storage space. Always reduce image size slowly in order to maintain focus and clarity. For example, 16x20 inch, 300 resolution painting should reduced in equal proportions 10x 8 inches, 150 resolution until you reach 159 mega pixels with excellent clarity.
reply by the author on 09-Nov-2020
Comment from Way West

This is a magical work of art! The colors and details are realistic. The soft aspect is pleasing and there is great interest for the viewer. A piece to enjoy looking at over and over again! Great work!

 Comment Written 06-Nov-2020

reply by the author on 06-Nov-2020
    Thank you so much ! I thoroughly enjoy painting garden scenes and florals. I hope
    You become a fan so you don?t miss what I will be sharing soon!
Comment from Brendaartwork18

This has old wordie charm. I love it's cottage garden feel. The pallet is remarkably old fashioned, well done. The elements as you use them have created a delightful memory for me, an ex gardener, who misses her pierce of land. I can feel atmosphere as I look at this. You have skilled drawing techniques and a sense of nature. Thank you for sharing.

 Comment Written 06-Nov-2020

reply by the author on 06-Nov-2020
    I really appreciate your kind words and the fact that my art makes you feel somewhat nostalgic. If art leaves one with no feeling, it is too soon forgotten!
Comment from alaskapat

Wonderful initial impression: what a beautiful garden! I love the pathway and the way you show the dappled sunlight, the arched trellis and white fence are well placed in this scene. Excellent attention to the details. The flowers are gorgeous in wonderful colors. This is very well rendered, it's such a lovely arrangement. Well presented!

 Comment Written 06-Nov-2020

reply by the author on 06-Nov-2020
    Thank you so much!
Comment from seshadri_sreenivasan

I like this work because it is so classical in its concept and execution and in its atmosphere; beautiful, moody and it feels almost otherworldly. The larger image appears a little blurred. If you can sharpen the picture and repost it, it will more eyeballs.! Good luck!

 Comment Written 06-Nov-2020

reply by the author on 06-Nov-2020
    Thank you. I?m not sure if I?m resizing to the appropriate size. I am new here and trying to figure that out. I appreciate your feedback!