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A Simple Rose

A love rose taken on a rose bush

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Comment from avmurray

This is an incredibly beautiful rose, and you have indeed pictured it well. The purple colors are truly delicate, and I also think the light is falling on it in a lovely way. The background is nicely softened for the rose to stand out in an excellent way.

Your focus is spot on and sharp showing such clear and well defined details in all the petals of the rose, and the exposure is perfect.

The format you have cropped the photo into works really well, and the rose has got a very fine placement within the frame. I think this is a truly lovely and well taken photo Timothy, and with an excellent DOF. I wish you luck with the contest.

 Comment Written 20-Jan-2021

reply by the author on 20-Jan-2021
    Thanks so much!
reply by avmurray on 21-Jan-2021
    You are more than welcome Timothy.
Comment from CTBruce

Great choice of this rose for your photo. Classic rose shape and I absolutely love the color and how it pops out of the dark green background. Location of the rose helps the composition too.

 Comment Written 20-Jan-2021

reply by the author on 20-Jan-2021
    Much appreciated!
reply by CTBruce on 20-Jan-2021
    Your welcome