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Color Bridge

Lighted Bridge

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Comment from avmurray

This is an amazing photo Willie, and such an original entry into a contest like this. The photo has a strong visual impact because of the strong colors, and I especially like how nicely they are reflected in the dark water. The all black background is of course perfect for the bridge to stand out in an excellent way.

The photo is also very sharp and it is truly clear and well defined details to be seen in every part of the bridge. The colors are crisp and clear, and the exposure is perfect.

The format and framing is very good, and I like the slight diagonal placement of the bridge within the frame. Indeed a great looking and well taken photo with an excellent DOF, and I wish you luck with the contest.

 Comment Written 25-Jan-2021

Comment from alaskapat

Oh how pretty! I love that they have the colored lights on this bridge! Well photographed with good focus, this image is sharp and clear, exposure is correct, the beautiful colors appear true, I love the reflections on the water too! Well composed and presented! Best wishes to you in this contest!

 Comment Written 25-Jan-2021

Comment from liseworks

That is very pretty, love all that reflection on the water, this is well done especially if the lights are constantly changing, well done on your part, its great to have no other lights in the distance or anything, just plain black, very nice to look at

 Comment Written 25-Jan-2021