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Blooms in vintage impression

Antique presentation roses and fruit

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Comment from Renate-Bertodi

well, it is interesting. How did you put water colour onto canvas. Didn't they leak through and slowly disappear? What are you hoping to do now? Add more deduct more? You'll have to let us see when you are done.

 Comment Written 15-Apr-2021

reply by the author on 15-Apr-2021
    Thank you for looking and commenting. Well I gessoed the canvas then stuck newspaper on with school glue. It didn't look good so peeled the paper off and reglued the surface like a wash. The watercolours are in a tube. A friend gave me them. They are good quality and when you squeeze them out they look and operate a bit like oils so I used some direct or with very little water. They didn't totally cover where I went so I hope to do oils on top. I have been reading and studying much techniques lately due to Lock down and being stuck in. I think I will give it all a very thin layer of linseed oil over, wipe it down to minimise then start the oils, probably impasto, thickish.
reply by Renate-Bertodi on 16-Apr-2021
    I have not painted in oils since leaving art college. I have numerous tubes which I bought back then after moving to a teaching degree / my lecturer tidied his desk on the say results were given out and shot his brains out, too much for me./ Acrylics are so easy that I started on them a couple of years ago at the Jesus Centre where I painted, -Gov closing that down too now, fault of the rich women who come, steward checked and I paid twice as much as anyone else, though I have a small pension and live in a tiny house, the rich women just came and went without paying then moan it has closed, you can see how they got rich!!-after years of water colours. Might try oils when shops open to
    buy more canvas.
reply by the author on 16-Apr-2021
    Well that's an awful thing to happen with your tutor. I am finding oils a challenge but the more I use them the mire I like them. I can't get canvasses either... I have been using thick cardboard from packaging for practicing eye but some have turned out well and I am pleased with the material. The cardboard will take oils and varnish for protection afterwards. If you look at my Simple Lunch one, it's a bit dark but it is a good example of work on cardboard.
Comment from Monica Morrell

I think you creativity and design is impressive. I like the colors you used.
There is a lot of texture and interest. I do sense the aged appearance.
We learn from are efforts and perseverance. Good job.

 Comment Written 07-Apr-2021

reply by the author on 08-Apr-2021
    Thank you
reply by Monica Morrell on 09-Apr-2021
    My pleasure!
Comment from ChuckWaxman

Very nice entry for the contest - good luck. Love the colors and your technique. The combination of flowers is very enticing and really captures my attention. Thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 07-Apr-2021

reply by the author on 08-Apr-2021
    I appreciate your comments. Thank you for your review
Comment from cleo85

The old-time look of your painting is attractive. The paint looks indeed crumpling old oil colors. The colors are intriguing. The shades of red draw the eyes of the viewer and demand our attention. The mottled background is pleasant. The tight framing is adequate. The painting is well composed and framed.

 Comment Written 07-Apr-2021

reply by the author on 08-Apr-2021
    Thank you Cleo. Appreciate your comments.
reply by cleo85 on 08-Apr-2021
    You're very welcome! :o)
Comment from nikman

A pretty good looking image posted here into the competition! Looks like and sounds like you tried to achieve too much up in your fine composition. Like those pretty blooms. Nicely done!

 Comment Written 06-Apr-2021

reply by the author on 07-Apr-2021
    Thank you appreciat8ng 6our comn3nts and yes it will never be the same but I have my prints and hopefully when I am in the mood I will take up the repairing.
Comment from alaskapat

Hi Brenda, this is a lovely entry for this contest, it does indeed give the impression of being created long ago,
It's a nicely arranged vase full of roses with some greenery , well shown shapes and structures of the roses and the colors are well chosen and applied. I like the fruits that you gave added, and the way you have arranged them here. This would make a lovely greeting card face, or a nice print to be hung with similar pieces in a group.
Well presented! Best wishes to you in this contest!

 Comment Written 06-Apr-2021

reply by the author on 06-Apr-2021
    Thank you Pat and your comments.
Comment from DMacKay

Your art is lovely. The composition is balanced nicely with the placement of the flowers and the fruit. Your selection of colors is beautiful! Red and violet go so nicely together. The background makes an interestingly vintage effect.

 Comment Written 06-Apr-2021

reply by the author on 06-Apr-2021
    Thank you very much for your review. Vintage was the word I was looking for so have 're issued the title.
reply by DMacKay on 06-Apr-2021
    (: You?re welcome.
Comment from MKFlood

Nice colorful creation. The details is good. The depth is good. The shading is good. The blend of the colors is great. The floral forms is good. The creation is balance and eye appealing to the viewer. Creative and great job overall

 Comment Written 06-Apr-2021

reply by the author on 06-Apr-2021
    Thank you Mark