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I Wanna Play Too!

Three terrifics: Happy, & Peewee, so cute.

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Comment from Highfive

I love dogs and have lived with them all my life. Right now, I do not have a dog, but my brothers do, so enjoy theirs went I'm at their home. This is a wonderful painting of small dogs playing together in the yard with a small ball. The colors are very pleasant and work nicely creating shapes that allows
the small animals to stand apart that make up their form, especially the black and white. Very nice subject matter in the small dogs and their relationship to one another. Again nice uses of color to define your shape and form in the dogs for depth and perspective. Nice work. Thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 09-Dec-2021

reply by the author on 09-Dec-2021
    You are welcome. Thank you for sharing your info. I really enjoyed it. Please share in the future as you'd like. These were three dogs at three different times. It broke our hearts when each passed. They are indeed family members. Thanks also for your wonderful comments.
Comment from ckbesq

Precious painting and good commentary. I like the composition, the colors, and most especially, Happy. I have a Jack Russell and they sure do love their balls! Good luck in the contest.

 Comment Written 03-Nov-2021

reply by the author on 03-Nov-2021
    Thank you. Yes they do. Happy could bring me a ball in a shoe at one time. Sure do miss all three.
reply by the author on 03-Nov-2021
    Thank you. Happy could bring me a ball in a shoe at the same time. They are so smart too. I miss all three.
Comment from Carina Imbrogno

What an amazing painting of these beautiful dogs. They looks so happy together playing so nicely with a ball. I love the beautiful and soft rendering of their furs and the grass is amazing. Amazing depth and shading and wonderful composition. Good luck in the contest

 Comment Written 02-Nov-2021

reply by the author on 03-Nov-2021
    Thank you so very much. Meant a lot to me. I miss them so much.
Comment from Ana Maria Russo

At first site I could almost swear that this was a picture of three dogs playing! It's a beautiful work, dear Glena. Kindly keep sharing. I just wish I could paint like this! Thank you!

 Comment Written 01-Nov-2021

reply by the author on 01-Nov-2021
    You are most kind, Ana Maria. And, thank you much.
Comment from sandra poore

This is just so beautiful and your story made me cry...Pets are so much a part of family. It doesn't matter if they are dogs or cats...I even knew an egret who liked to become people friendly.

 Comment Written 01-Nov-2021

reply by the author on 01-Nov-2021
    Thank you, kind Sandra. Yes, pets are family members.
Comment from SilverWoulfCreations

Very cute. Love how all their little faces looked. Great subject matter. I would have liked to have seen the background with a bit more detail. But all in all its very cute. Thank you for sharing with us here on FAR!

 Comment Written 15-Oct-2021

reply by the author on 16-Oct-2021
    Welcome. Thank you for your comments. This was done in color pencil then some acrylic to get the white dog (Happy) to stand out on a black gessoed plaque (I shouldn't have gessoed it black first but I learn.) It took hours and hours to do (Not at one time, thankfully).
Comment from Mrs. Moodenbaugh

Soooooo stinkin cute that's little brown Weiner dogs is the most adorable little thing. So much feeling in this picture good job I really like it

 Comment Written 11-Oct-2021

reply by the author on 13-Oct-2021
    Thank you kindly, thank you much. Yes, little Pee Wee was so cute, just a few months here and standing straight up when he wanted something. The white one, Happy, was extremely intelligent and able to bring me a ball in a shoe at the same time. The black dog, named Brownie, other than when little was the more nuturing kind.
reply by the author on 13-Oct-2021
    Thanks. Hope that my longer previous reply was saved as I explained what each did: PeWee, loving to stand upright when he wanted something and he's only a few mos here. Happy (white Jack Russel) was very intelligent, would bring me a ball in a shoe at the same time, and the black dog named Brownie was the more nurturing kind.
Comment from Trenity

This looks extremely realistic. I love that you added so much detail. Congratulations for winning the Naturally Cute contest. All of the small dogs are adorable.

 Comment Written 09-Oct-2021

reply by the author on 10-Oct-2021
    Thank you so much. Really appreciate it.
reply by Trenity on 11-Oct-2021
    Your welcome!
Comment from Cecilia.T

the dogs are so cute and the detail is amazing, you really captured the dogs personality in this art work. keep up the amazing work :)

 Comment Written 08-Oct-2021

reply by the author on 09-Oct-2021
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for yor kind words and the "6". Really appreciate them.
Comment from helvi2

Hi Glena, This is so cute and fun! Pee Wee is especially cute! Love the expressions on the dogs! It must have emotional for you to put these dogs together as they were with you at different times in your life. It's like a family picture of your dogs. Very special to your heart! O can totally understand why you were a contest winner! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing this wonderful image! :o) Nancy aka Helvi2

 Comment Written 08-Oct-2021

reply by the author on 09-Oct-2021
    Thank you, Nancy, so much. Is it ok to call you Nancy, or do you prefer Helvi2. Yes, Peewee was especially cute, Happy especially smart and the black dog named Brownie so protective, motherly. And, it was emotional. Thanks for the "6". Really appreciate it.
reply by helvi2 on 09-Oct-2021
    Hi Glena, It's definitely alright to call me Nancy! I share that with people I consider to be friends and am a fan of. You are someone I consider as both! You so deserved the six
    star rating! :o) Nancy