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Hummingbird hiding in order to sleep

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Comment from Glena Jessee-King

Really enjoyed your narrative, both very informative and interesting. The background looks somewhat blurred in the larger image, better in the smaller. The colors are vibrant, beautiful especially the glowing purples, greens and other. Your digital work is lovely but it might be better if the bird were not so large in its space so I could see the position. Title so appropriate as it is meshed in, but I can't tell it is upside down. Hope you consider making it smaller so that it is not all emerged as much. Still fine work, vibrant!

 Comment Written 19-Sep-2022

reply by the author on 22-Sep-2022
    Thank you so very much for your lovely review. I appreciate your comments to improve this piece. The bird was blurred into the background I order to be hidden at night. I will probably do the next one upside down and smaller. I had no idea they slept like bats. I really appreciate you taking time to read my notes and suggestions to improve. You are Awesome my FAR friend! :~)
reply by Glena Jessee-King on 23-Sep-2022
    Thank you, very special friend Cindy Sue. Welcome much. The piece is so colorful too. And, again, I really enjoyed the info which I didn't know.
Comment from CorbyLinda

What beautiful hummingbird painting. Your colours used are fabulous. I love how you did a dark background and the bird in bright dark colours. It makes the hummingbird stand out.

Love your artwork. :)

 Comment Written 19-Sep-2022

reply by the author on 22-Sep-2022
    Thank you so very much for your lovely review. You actually perceived exactly what I was trying to do with my blended dark colors. I appreciate you taking time to review my art. THANK YOU! my FAR Friend. Stay always Blessed.
reply by CorbyLinda on 23-Sep-2022
    You are so welcome
Comment from Sean T Phelan

It's using it's natural camouflage to help it perform an important life function!
Your digital presentation looks great and it's very enjoyable to look at!

 Comment Written 19-Sep-2022

reply by the author on 19-Sep-2022
    Hey Bud, thank you ever so much for the lovely review. I have an infinity for nature and so believe in the circle of life whether it be good, bad, pretty or ugly! These little critters of hummers are in my top 10 of critters. In a couple of days the fall equinox is here. Celebrate for me.
    The power of reflection infused into the fruits of the earth, and you reap what you have sowed. You see the full reality, what you made of your truths. The auto-tombing process of autumn, judgement day, Libra, sign of balance, cardinal air. Happy Awesome Autumn my Friend, CindySue ~
reply by Sean T Phelan on 19-Sep-2022
    'So Mote It Be',Cindy Sue! : D