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The Signing

Signing of the Queen's Book

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Comment from Charlotte Morse

What a wonderful photo for this competition! Truly historical.
I like the sepia tone, it works so well with the subject matter.
How amazing that you were there, did you go especially, or did it just happen to coincide with a holiday in Scotland?
Ha ha I only live a couple of hours away from Edinburgh and I still didn't manage to go!
A very poignant photo, well done.

 Comment Written 15-Oct-2022

reply by the author on 15-Oct-2022
    Thank you so much.
reply by Charlotte Morse on 24-Oct-2022
    Congratulations on your win!
    You deserved it, a great capture!
Comment from Glena Jessee-King

The occasion deserves a "5" as do the surroundings in sepias or non-color. The fine tapestry work and the Queen's portrait add to the scene. Is that you signing the Memorial book? Congratulations on your being there and best wishes.

 Comment Written 14-Oct-2022

reply by the author on 14-Oct-2022
    Thank you. No, I was taking the picture of my travel friend signing.
Comment from Joysong

I love the color tone for the shot. Because it reminds me of a time long ago. When I look at it I remember the years that have passed since she became Queen. You are very fortunate to have been there at such a historic time as this Nice shot!

 Comment Written 13-Oct-2022

reply by the author on 14-Oct-2022
    Thank you, it was a memorable experience.