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Into The Storm

Seascape paintin

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Comment from Linda M.

Very cool pic. Really amazing. And I love the creation. I don't know anything about art unfortunately as far as painting myself. Therefore I always look to honor all of you who have that gift.

 Comment Written 03-Nov-2022

Comment from bunchobubbles

This is amazing! I admire your work. I love the storm. Your detail is spot on!
I don't know anything about the military because I am 14 but I would like to see a ship like this someday.

 Comment Written 03-Nov-2022

Comment from Chaxl

This is a very neat piece of art, one that you should be proud of. The detail is outstanding as well as the color too. Great job. I also like the rule of thirds with the ship.

 Comment Written 01-Nov-2022

Comment from alaskapat

This is a beautiful painting John, so very well executed with incredible detail to show the ship and plane , the stormy sky and sea are realistic . Well chosen and applied colors and nice show of the lighting .
Well arranged and presented!

 Comment Written 01-Nov-2022

Comment from L4uryn

I really like the details that you incorporated into your ship. Some of the metal areas reflect the light off of the right side of the air carrier, and the ocean even gets darker around the grey clouds. I'm also fascinated by the ship's shadow on the other side of its white trail. Well done!

 Comment Written 01-Nov-2022

Comment from Kevin Klier

Great. Watercolors can be so difficult. They can muddy easily. The aircraft in the foreground brings power and significance to the battlefield. Good stuff.

 Comment Written 27-Oct-2022

Comment from avmurray

You have pictured the Battleship Missouri really well John, and I also think the stormy sky is really well done. It is always a special light before a storm, and this is showing so well in this painting.

The ship is done paying such a good attention even to the smallest details, and also the use of high lights is very good. Your brush work is excellent.

The format and framing is perfect, and I think it is a very good balance in the composition. A truly great looking and well done water color painting John.

 Comment Written 26-Oct-2022

Comment from FBI GUY

I used to put these models together as a kid. Your version is much better looking than my models. I always used too much glue. The scene is so well put together and the storm approaching adds drama. The Missouri appears to be escorting an aircraft carrier. Your deft touch with a brush has given use such fine details. Very well done. The choppy sea gives movement to the scene. Great job.

 Comment Written 26-Oct-2022

Comment from MKFlood

awesome work John. the details on this ship is excellent. the depth is excellent. the ships form is excellent. the blend of the colors is excellent. the presentation is well balanced and very eye appealing to the viewer. so creative and awesome work overall.

 Comment Written 21-Oct-2022

Comment from victoria_085

The first thing that catches my eye in seeing this work is the amount of detail put into creating this stand-out kind of piece of work, in which we witness the moment the US ship is about to charge. The warship is placed well within the space of the artwork. The overall composition is well-balanced in both setting and color. There is a balance of grays in both sky and the foreground areas. The artist well defines and sets the mood in which the event takes place. The detailed work on the ship creates monumentality and grandeur. There is even a lightning bolt that strikes in the background for more dramatic effects, which underlines the nature of this moment and clearly defines the action which is about to take place. Emotion and overall feeling of the moment are well defined and delivered.

 Comment Written 21-Oct-2022