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Into The Storm

Seascape paintin

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Comment from Freelo59

such intricate work here. you must have spend so much time on this battleship that it has paid off. the details are very precise. i love the clouds that they are going to enter in.

 Comment Written 15-Oct-2022

Comment from nikman

A good looking image posted here! Your fine and classical composition offers us a good view of that famous ship. Textures, colours and tones are good. Nicely painted!

 Comment Written 15-Oct-2022

Comment from Glena Jessee-King

Oh, this is gorgeous, especially that sky with your fine strokes (looks like fine oil work) and the water. You deserve a "6" with such fine watercolor work but I don't have one. The ship is realistic too, as are the other wood items with reds in them.

 Comment Written 15-Oct-2022

Comment from Rachel L

Good-day John2174. I really like this. When I first saw it I was instantly attracted to it. I find it crisp yet wispy, if that makes sense. The ship is perfect and the water is gorgeous. Excellent work my friend.

 Comment Written 15-Oct-2022

Comment from Way West

Beautiful colors, fine and intricate details and such wonderful realism, both in the cloudy background and the crafts. Your water is exceptional! The full frame is appealing and your work skilled. Thank you for sharing!

 Comment Written 14-Oct-2022

Comment from Sean T Phelan

It's a truly interesting subject and it's also a fine looking watercolor painting!
A very 'Good Show' of a presentation,my friend!

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 Comment Written 14-Oct-2022