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Rainy Day

Two kids reading books on a rainy day

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Comment from alaskapat

This is such an intriguing scene you have created here! It looks like a scene from a movie , we see that it is raining outside , the two girls are there on the floor with piles of books , the girl on left is looking out the window while the girl on right is looking at the rain falling indoors , what stands out here for me, is the rain and the lighting and the way it comes through the window, very well created with excellent attention to the details that draw the viewer in, we want to come in and see the titles of the book and to find out how it is that the rain is falling indoors,
Awesome entry for this contest ! Very best wishes to you !

 Comment Written 14-Nov-2022

reply by the author on 14-Nov-2022
    This is the most awesome review I have gotten so far. I really value it and all your feedback on my creations! Thanks again. :)
Comment from janicep1

This is amazing! It sets the rainy mood perfectly and I love the back lighting from the window. The shadows on the faces create the perfect atmosphere to go with the rain. Well done!

 Comment Written 14-Nov-2022

Comment from ElliR

These AI generator still makes so many mistakes . Your story is good, but why is it raining inside ? I would clean up the rain drops. The sky is so gray, there is storm a outside but there are highlights in their hair from a beautiful bright sun . I would fix that too.
Have fun and good luck !

 Comment Written 12-Nov-2022

reply by the author on 12-Nov-2022
    Hey, thanks for your feedback. It was a choice to make it like this. I edited the info, which explains the artwork a little more.
reply by ElliR on 12-Nov-2022
    Aha That's your vision ! Ok then
Comment from TDtraditionalart

This is so beautiful!! It has an big emotional impact!!! These young girls look like angels to me!! The way you illustrated using the gentle light from the window makes them glow! This gives me a warm feeling of being safe from the world outside and a sense of adventure to be found in each book. It takes me to a time and place I wish I could go to always, even though I have never been there. This could be the start of a children's story, about imagination and the wonderful world of literature!! You got my vote!! I just wish I had a six to give you! All the best in the contest

 Comment Written 12-Nov-2022

reply by the author on 12-Nov-2022
    Thank you so much for an insightful and lovely review!
reply by TDtraditionalart on 12-Nov-2022
    You're welcome!! You deserve it! Thank you so much foe your vote!! I really appreciate it
reply by the author on 12-Nov-2022
    No problem :)