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Monarch Butterfly

A butterfly and a few others fluttering around.

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Comment from Shadow catcher

I love Monarchs, so I think this as a great piece for the contest! I like the sharpness of the center Monarch and how you have depicted the flight movements of the other two that nicely balance out the diagonal presentation. Colors of the Monarchs are lovely as is the gold and green summery background. I did notice that the main Monarch only has one antennae? Best wishes to you in this contest!

 Comment Written 15-Jan-2023

Comment from alaskapat

This is a beautiful digital artwork, the monarch butterfly is well shown with good shape and structure, well chosen and applied colors , nice detail on the wings. It's a nice placement within this space and I like the other two butterflies shown in the distance. The soft green tones in background work to emphasize the butterfly.
Well presented!

 Comment Written 15-Jan-2023

Comment from nikman

A good looking nature image posted here! Your fine, full and appropriate composition offers us an enjoyable view of those flying butterflies. Colours, textures and tones are good. Nicely created!

 Comment Written 15-Jan-2023