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The view from my parents house

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Comment from Glena Jessee-King

You are getting better. I do not think the line outline is necessary, probably takes away. The mountains are fairly good, as is the front railing and some of the house tops, trees. Keep drawing. You deserve a 4.5 in some areas, perhaps a 5 in others. Keep up the good work and improvements.

 Comment Written 24-Jan-2023

reply by the author on 24-Jan-2023
    Thanks so much! I?ll keep on working
reply by Glena Jessee-King on 24-Jan-2023
    You are welcome. This one is so much better and coming there toward a five.
Comment from Sean T Phelan

Hi Oliver!
I've been drawing since I was a toddler back in the late 1950s ( with the special encouragement of my Grandfather,who's been gone for over sixty years now but I feel that he's STILL encouraging me! ) and the best advice I think I can give you is this- Draw what YOU like! Not what you think will please a mainstream audience! : D
And-of course-practice,practice,and MORE practice!
I've only seen this first posting of your's but ,hey,you're doin' good as far as I'm concerned!
Keep at it,Man!
"Drive On!"

 Comment Written 23-Jan-2023

reply by the author on 23-Jan-2023
    Thanks so much for the great Sean! I?ve kind of fallen for this while drawing thing now so yeah I?m going to keep going
reply by Sean T Phelan on 24-Jan-2023
    Good Deal! : D
Comment from alaskapat

Hi Oliver! Congratulations on your very first post!
I feel like this View is from an upstairs window or deck at your parents house as you show the rooftops and that railing across the bottom frame,
I think this is well drawn with good attention to the details to show your view,
Good use of light and shaded areas to show the shape and structure of the roofs and trees, it appears to be hills in background .
My only suggestion is that when you post your work, photograph it so that it presents full frame , here we see the negative space around the page with your artwork.
Good luck to you !

 Comment Written 23-Jan-2023

reply by the author on 23-Jan-2023
    Thank you so much! Yes that?s a good idea, I?ll try that next time.
Comment from Monica Morrell

First of all welcome to the art world! Your pencil drawing is well done. It shows good perspective. Good lines and detail. There is depth and interest. I like your vantage point. Enjoy the process and let your imagination flow. Art is a great way to relax and express yourself Keep up the good work!

 Comment Written 23-Jan-2023

reply by the author on 23-Jan-2023
    Thanks so much Monica!
Comment from MKFlood

Let me be the first to welcome you to FAR! May all of your adventures are successful. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I will reply. Now onto the review. Interesting creation. The depth is good. The details are good. The shading is ok. Let me offer some hints. When you work with pencil don't be afraid to get your finger dirty..if you rub your finger over area you want shaded it will make a difference. Try it and you will see what referring too. I do recommend keeping a ruler around. It will give you cleaner and straighter lines in the framing. Like I Said in the beginning it is a good pencil drawing. Just need some twerking. The creation is balance and eye interesting to the viewer. Creative approach and good job overall

 Comment Written 23-Jan-2023

reply by the author on 23-Jan-2023
    Thanks so much! Those are very useful suggestions and I will have another try soon.
Comment from liseworks

Oh I am not an expert when it comes to drawing. I rather paint and I dont draw before I paint. This is a complicated scene you have created here, so I applaud it. I like the view of the yard with all the houses, you seem to have done the angles of the roofs pretty good. That is the hard part lol,,

 Comment Written 23-Jan-2023

reply by the author on 23-Jan-2023
    Thanks a lot for your lovely review. Yes, the roof angles are hard but fun haha
Comment from seshadri_sreenivasan

You have made a good beginning. You got the lines right. As also the proportions and the perspective view. You are showing promise. But you need to frame the drawing properly.Keep it up.

 Comment Written 23-Jan-2023

reply by the author on 23-Jan-2023
    Thanks so much!
reply by the author on 23-Jan-2023
    Thanks so much!
reply by the author on 23-Jan-2023
    Thanks so much!
Comment from Charlotte Morse

Hi Oliver,
Congratulations on your 1st milestone post. I think it's excellent that you've posted this with the intention to learn, good on you.
I'm no artist, but I like to think I have a good eye, so I'll do best!
I think this is an excellent beginning with both good and not so good parts to it.
The fence in the foreground is very well drawn, with the uneven shading giving it good detail - fences aren't regular.
I like the composition, it makes me feel like I'm sitting right behind that fence. The building on the left is my favourite as it has a little more life in it, with the creepers growing up the front.
I would have liked to see more detail in the mountains behind - they are never flat, they always have lumps, bumps and crevices, and the same goes for the field below them.
But for me what does let your drawing down a bit is the perspective, you're nearly there, but it's a little bit off. Having said that it's not something I ever managed to master! Lol I think there are rules that can be followed to improve it, ask at your next class.
One aspect of drawing that an artist taught me when I was very young, but I've never forgotten, is to not only look at the objects you're drawing, but to look at and keep checking the spaces in between them - it really helps to keep the drawing accurate and in proportion.
I hope that helps, well done on your first post.

 Comment Written 23-Jan-2023

reply by the author on 23-Jan-2023
    Thanks so much for your generous review, Charlotte! Yes, I still have a lot to learn, and I'm really grateful for your honesty. I am going to keep working on this and hopefully will have something else to post soon with better perspective.
reply by Charlotte Morse on 23-Jan-2023
    You?re very welcome and I very much look forward to seeing it Oliver
Comment from Jodi Kay

Welcome aboard Oliver! I like it! You have great lines working in your favor. And you have done very well with your trees. My only suggestion would be to crop out the excess to give us a little closer view. Can't wait to see more of your work!

 Comment Written 23-Jan-2023

reply by the author on 23-Jan-2023
    Thanks so much Jodi! That's a great suggestion, I will try again with a bit less detail.
Comment from nikman

A good looking image posted here! Your fine, full and appropriate composition offers us an enjoyable view of the nice location before you. Details and tones are good. Nicely drawn!

 Comment Written 23-Jan-2023

reply by the author on 23-Jan-2023
    Thanks so much for the nice review!