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Cow Killer

Velvet Ant

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Comment from Sean T Phelan

Insects are fascinating creatures,aren't they?
Your colorful picture of this interesting specimen is very enjoyable to look at,my friend!

 Comment Written 16-Mar-2023

reply by the author on 17-Mar-2023
    Thanks Sean, I love gardening and all the bugs that come with it. Never take a moment for granted. Have a good weekend my friend.
reply by Sean T Phelan on 17-Mar-2023
    You have a good one too,my friend!
Comment from La Donna Nance

Your description was well said, very informative, interesting, and intising. I had no idea this insect existed or it's name. I really learned something. The photo is very bright and very well taken. A lot of detail and focused.

 Comment Written 15-Mar-2023

reply by the author on 17-Mar-2023
    Thank you for taking the time to review. Glad you enjoyed.
reply by La Donna Nance on 18-Mar-2023
    your welcome!