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Naked Trees At Dawn

Acrylic painting on canvas

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A contest winning entry! A seven star rating from the Contest Committee for posting the winning contest entry.

 Comment Written 18-Nov-2023

reply by the author on 18-Nov-2023
    Honored! Yay! Thank you all so much!
Comment from helvi2

Hi Jewell,
This is just what I'd expect to see in Autumn waters. Beautiful reflections of Fall colors. Love how you followed your instincts and let you mind's eye paint the image. I don't think the "colorful Art contest could ask for anything more colorful. The reflections in this are breathtaking! Well Done My Friend! :o) Nancy

 Comment Written 26-Jul-2023

reply by the author on 01-Aug-2023
    Thank you my friend!
Comment from avmurray

I think your painting has a strong visual impact because of the vibrant color pallet you have used, and it was a very good idea to add the trees as silhouettes . They stand out so well and add depth to the painting. I can clearly see the water, and I also like the rays of light you have added coming through the trees.

It is such a fine flow in your brush work, and you have also created motion in the trees.

The format and framing is perfect, and it is a very good balance in the composition. I think this is a great looking and well done painting Jewell, and I wish you luck with the contest.

 Comment Written 25-Jul-2023

reply by the author on 26-Jul-2023
    Thank you for your thorough review!
reply by avmurray on 26-Jul-2023
    You are more than welcome Jewell.
Comment from JirinaInspire

Absolutely beautiful painting with spectacular colors and such nice press.
The vivid color, crisp detail and still abstract showcase are so nice to view.
Best of luck in the cony- awesome entry!

 Comment Written 25-Jul-2023

reply by the author on 26-Jul-2023
    Thank you so much!
Comment from Ray Gordon

Jewell, excellent. You used your color well and you didn't hold back and you have the color balance just right. You created a strong vertical aspect and carried it through out. The best of luck in the contest. Ray

 Comment Written 24-Jul-2023

reply by the author on 25-Jul-2023
    Thank you, Ra! It?s not in a contest
reply by Ray Gordon on 25-Jul-2023
    The best of luck any way. Ray
reply by the author on 18-Nov-2023
    I guess it was in a contest! Haha I won! Yay!
reply by Ray Gordon on 18-Nov-2023
    Congratulations Jewell on your well deserved win. Ray
Comment from Glena Jessee-King

Best wishes in this lovely, actually beautiful, done in acrylic. The vividness of the foreground and colors of a rainbow, as you mention, are all gorgeous. The trees are okay but not as stunning as the rest of the lovely contemporary or semi-abstract colorful scene.

 Comment Written 24-Jul-2023

reply by the author on 25-Jul-2023
    Thank you
reply by Glena Jessee-King on 02-Aug-2023
    Most welcome. So colorful and actually beautiful; very creative indeed, artist friend Jewell.
Comment from seshadri_sreenivasan

Wow! Glorious colours running riot here. Not only the colours are awesome, you have maintained the balance, contrast and light and shadow very well. Bravo! Good luck!

 Comment Written 24-Jul-2023

reply by the author on 24-Jul-2023
    I appreciate your response to this. Thank you! Blessings!
Comment from Charlotte Morse

Jewell, this is an absolutely beautiful painting!
I'm so sorry I hadn't reviewed it earlier, my son's been staying the weekend.
It has a wonderful aura to it. It makes me feel like I'm in a boat floating along in somewhere like the Everglades. The sun is shining through the trees warming my body and, as I gaze up at the sky, I'm feeling completely relaxed and at peace with the world. . .
. . . and there's not many paintings that can do that for you!
I love it!

 Comment Written 24-Jul-2023

reply by the author on 24-Jul-2023
    That makes me smile! I always hope my paintings bring peace and JOY!
reply by Charlotte Morse on 26-Jul-2023
    Well this one certainly does! :)
Comment from Maureen Woychyshyn

This is a very eye pleasing abstract of the forest. The muted colors and oranges draw the eye into the piece. Nice touch with your brush strokes. Good luck

 Comment Written 24-Jul-2023

reply by the author on 24-Jul-2023
    Thank you!
Comment from Lisa Davey

Nice painting. This has a great color palette. The dark naked trees against the rich bright colored background really bring the whole composition together. This has a great Autumn ambiance.

 Comment Written 24-Jul-2023

reply by the author on 24-Jul-2023
    Thank you for your kind words!