Contest Vote For Self portrait Photography

The voting has ended. Showing the final vote count.

12 votes Lines of Stress by pfemd
4 votes Concentration II by avmurray
2 votes My Pink Self by Photowhisper
2 votes Mischievous by cleo85
No Votes My and the dragon by GaliaG

Comments For Lines of Stress by pfemd

just what i had in mind for the contest! brilliant photo.

This contest wasnt easy, However, i do like this photograph, as i see laughter lines and a nice smile! Good to see black and white too.

This has such emotional impact for me. Good technical merits in the composition and lighting.

Comments For Concentration II by avmurray

Great photo focused self portrait.

Comments For My Pink Self by Photowhisper

Hi, I know the meaning of pink

Comments For Mischievous by cleo85

1st case i ever solved. the true identity of this mischievous lady. wonderful realization.