Contest Vote For an ugly animal

The voting has ended. Showing the final vote count.

17 votes Gobbler by Envision
5 votes Do you think I'm ugly enough ? by supergold
4 votes Worf by Donna Ruiz
3 votes What If I'm Ugly?!? by Dick Lee Shia
2 votes In the Eye of the Beholder by fotogran
No Votes Ostrich by VINCEFALLERT

Comments For Gobbler by Envision

another difficult to choose category. most are excellently photographed and truly ugly species. choice is based on which caused the biggest shutter.

This image was SO beautifully taken on all aspects! It's definitely my choice!

Comments For Do you think I'm ugly enough ? by supergold

I chose this one because they captured the side of the animal and the nose looks like a long bent carrot.

Comments For Worf by Donna Ruiz

I think its the over all best image as it fills the frame with something of interest.
Nicely composed with good textures through out the frame...