Comments For Heaven Bound by MoonWillow

Visually beautiful with a sense of wonder.

This piece is beyond the normal. Love it.

Stirs up deep emotions beautifully done.

This one is not only a beautiful work of art, sentiment and title, but it also delivered a huge emotional impact the instant I set eyes on it.

Comments For The Girl With The Bubble by karen zima

Love the bold colors in this one.

Comments For Right Eye by SCHATZLING

So many superb entries. I am having a difficult time just choosing one... Hitting the Pacific-that photo is crystal clear and ohhh soooo inviting; The Lady in Shades-so the way the hair is wind blown; Pink Dreams....details and colors are both fabulous; Storm head is up in the clouds so often...they (clouds) fascinate me...excellent shot. Heaven Bound and Right Eye are two of my because the soul is what goes to heaven and two because the eye is the window to the soul. I wish i could vote for both. I flipped a coin and this is my winner. CONGRATS to all.