Contest Vote For Digital Artwork of the Month

The voting has ended. Showing the final vote count.

13 votes Jellyfish by David Ruhl
7 votes Little Artist by cleo85
5 votes Dragons Tail by LittleBogie 007
4 votes Espiritu 10 by Daphne Oberon
3 votes The Grand Blossom by Angelheart
2 votes Faith Unfaithful by Trajan
1 Vote Let's Get Busy by booklotto
No Votes Steam Punk Train by jgrace
No Votes Oodles Of Noodles by VMarguarite

Comments For Jellyfish by David Ruhl

Jellyfish is such a stunning image. :)

Comments For Let's Get Busy by booklotto

Another good one, Joanie!

~Project Forty Nine~