Contest Vote For A Bird Portrait

The voting has ended. Showing the final vote count.

12 votes Steely Look by suffolkbrian
11 votes Tit for tat by willie
7 votes Little Blue Boy by CREZart
5 votes Raptor by dodgement
5 votes Handsome Hawk by Robert Plain
3 votes Who Me? by Cephus
3 votes Fledgling's Portrait by soulfeeder
3 votes His Majesty: the pigeon by supergold
1 Vote He Knows by Lahv_Lunar
1 Vote in breeding colors by michiganmike
No Votes Inca Dove by cleo85

Comments For Steely Look by suffolkbrian

The details in all of these photos are amazing!
Very hard to choose.

If this doesn't grab your attention, I don't know what does! Yikes!

Comments For Tit for tat by willie

This one was really hard. These are all great photographs of birds. Should be a tie with about 4 of them for first, and very close runners up.
Congratulations to all!

All of these are really good, but I chose this for the perfect focus and detail of the feathers.

Comments For Fledgling's Portrait by soulfeeder

Very difficult chosing. All seem perfect to me. This one was innocent looking very good detail.

Comments For He Knows by Lahv_Lunar

The focus of this was to fill the fame with the bird. To capture the detail of the feather, beak and his eyes. It present the true beautify of the sea gull.