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Funne Flowers Cartoons

It's Safe Out Here!

by MKFlood

This is a safety announcement to you visitors and snowbirds who come to Florida. Last year in america there was 24 shark attacks and 16 of them was in Florida (from Daytona to Melbourne) on the Atlantic coast. Now here is some tips for ya..if you have any cuts on your body..DONT GO IN THE WATER!..if your a woman and on your cycle..DONT GO INTO THE WATER...and above all dont PEE in the water..the sharks can smell it many miles away and they will think your food. We also have an Ameba issues in ponds and some lakes. they are mostly found in areas in the bottom part of the water or stagnant water. these are single cell parasites that enter thru the nose and work their way to the brain and of course can kill ya. and of course we have the good ole gators. now some of the idiot tourist love to come up and try to pet them. yeah this is for real and not a joke. the tourist dont realize they can run up to at least 30mph and their teeth are use to drag you into the water and drown ya. then they dismember ya to swallow ya a piece at a time. since folks always wanna buy a home down here there are slowly building subdivisions in their natural habitat. you know the wildlife and game officers spends most of their time retrieving gators out of folks pools. so when ya come to Florida and ya get sick of Disneyworld, come out into the water and have some fun with the critters! they will thank you for it and they will say.."Please send more Tourist!"..evil grin..YALL COME ON BACK NOW YAHEAR! WINK

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sharpie/bic markers on cardstock

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