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Funnie Flowers cartoons

What Does X Stand For?

by MKFlood

the old comic fans are in hog heaven these last few years and more is on the horizon. both DC and marvel have stepped to the plate and converted many of these famous series to the big screen with super special effects true adult storylines. No they not archie comic. they were design to grab the imagination and to tell a story. many of you who have never considered comics to be anything other than something to just entertain kids maybe fooled. you may not realized this but you have been entertained at the movies not knowing it was born as a graphic novel..really? you tell yourself..thats hard to believe?? well let me educate you of what you did not know..i can just pull 3 of the most poplar movie or shows from that graphic comic list.........1.) "300" based on the historical event before Christ of where a small band of Greek warriors held off a massive Persian army. the whole movie frame by frame was based from a best seller graphic novel. later it inspired a sequel which did as well at the box office........2.) "Watchmen" another graphic novel that was based what if we really did have superheros but they have just as much drama as soap opera. with a murder mystery that draws in the audience. made millions at the box office......3.) "The Walking Dead"..this one tickles me..not many folks before this show would even think of ever watching a Zombie movie . this show drawn in such a tremendous audience that it even one year equal the watching of it during the Super Bowl. that blew the networks mind. when i do hear occasional oh i just dont watch stuff like that. my response is ..did you ever watch any of the disaster movies like "Poseidon Adventure" or "airport" or "Towering Inferno" ? just imagine a zombie thing is the disaster, with well written scripts and acting.. the show doesnt really focus on the blood and gore like the old zombie movies. its the trials and tribulations of the group..some betrayals, some heroic acts, some intimate moments, some beliefs..hey i call it life. i have only scratch the surface of these contributions done from the comic world. one thing is for sure..this old guy is in hog heaven..wink DON'T EVER STOP BELIEVING!

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sharpie/bic markers on cardstock

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