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Posted: July 3, 2019

for music video

For All Flowerkind!

by MKFlood

cranked out 8 so far but still have over 30 more to get done so i can get started on this new music video for Bryan Taylor.. i'm trying to get 3/4 of the way done by Halloween...
Also i am still gonna do the FAN sites music video as well....ok here is count so far for the entrees submitted...(FanArtReview) 12....(FanStory) 11....(FanMusic) 2.....feels like i'm pulling teeth!! i dont get enough submissions looks like im gonna have draw the difference to make the sites video work. now i'm a member of beaux ceaux art websites but there is not one websites that offers the following like FAR;

1.) numerous cash paying contest that is offered to wide range of mediums by category. (ask and ill give specifics cause im trying to keep from boring everyone).
2.) members can create topic contest that offers a beneficial reward than some bragging rights or some made up video symbol like other sites do.
3.) this site acknowledges talent to all mediums monthly based on current post.(YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE BY YOUR LAST POST)
4.)even though some sites have started doing the ranking thing, however they base it by current views with a lil like symbol..kinda like facebook. here on FAR this site teaches you with truth than trying to do that snowball hype thing. you are taught to truly review a fellow members work. cant get away with that caveman mentality "UGG! LOOKS GOOD! UGG!" now with this reviewing does make the viewer be more observant of that posted image. (also might get inspired from one another..wink).. again no other site rewards you with dollar factor for reviews.
5.)now here is one i like to tackle! you will hear someone will comment " you gotta pay to get noticed on here"....ok outside the internet in the real world can anyone tell me of any art show in public that is totally free??? DUUUHHH!...i'm not counting street corners,alleyways,bars,woods....evil grin. you are taught how to promote yourself..the site offers you to earn the money to promote work without pulling out your wallet. also artist have no problems collecting the money for their work thru this site.
6) Contest judged by experienced panel of dedicated professionals who offer their time to this site. i don't know any other sites do what FanArtReview can offer to you the member.

(NUDGE...NUDGE)...just checking make sure i haven't put everyone to sleep IF ANYONE WANTS TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SITES VERY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO CONTACT ME! all i'm asking from you is only 1 image that you feel represents you. the music is gonna be Queen's "We Will Rock You". it will be streamed on YouTube. oh i just know after i do this video someone is still gonna say why didn't i let them know!.. HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD MY FELLOW MEMBERS..lordy i feel like im preaching!! me i aint no saint! lolololol.

more coming on this new video so stay tuned to that FAR channel..STOP DREAMING...START DOING...AND DON'T EVER STOP BELIEVING!!!! wink
Post Type: Traditional Art
Mixed Media: None Sharpie and Bic pens on cardstock

Pays one point and 2 member cents.
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