Category: Cartoon Traditional Art
Posted: May 22, 2020


That Twilight Zone Moment

by MKFlood Interested in this? Contact The Artist

The Eyes Have It Art Contest Contest Entry 
Picture this..a gentleman who participates in a art contest is lead thru a wooden door. there he is meet by 4 judges who all look identical to Rod Serling. "well sir can we see your entry?' says one of the Rods. While the Rods are looking at the entry the artist looks over to his right where there are nothing but clown paintings line up against the wall. He noticed they are all signed by John Wayne Gacy. Thats weird! Then one of the Rods begin to speak as he is handing the work back to the artist. "We are sorry, but we cant accept this work. it doesnt meet contest topic." ..the startled artist asked "so what does meet topic?"..all 4 Rods replied in unison "Serial Killer Clowns who paints!"..the artist replied "oh my i am at the wrong room! sorry sirs!' the artist turns and runs to the door. when he opens the door expecting to see the hallway but NO! He is staring at 4 more Rod Serlings at a table all saying "hello". the artist turns around looks back at the other Rods with surprise and horror. the original Rods saying in unison.."welcome to your twilight zone!" dididididididididididi...evil grin..dont forget..STOP DREAMING...START DOING...AND DON'T EVER STOP BELIEVING!! wink
Post Type: Traditional Art
Mixed Media: None Sharpie%20and%20BIC%20pens%20on%20card%20stock%20paper


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