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Posted: September 5, 2020

So You Know

The FARtist Link

by MKFlood Interested in this? Contact The Artist

Colorful Art Contest Contest Entry 
Over the years i'm always asked "where do I you get all your ideas?". My usual answer is life and around it, but that is partially true. The one thing that is great here on FAR is we are encouraged to give our fellow members more detailed reviews. It's a lot better than saying "UGG LOOKS GOOD!" and throw a thumbs up on it like other website communities. While you, my fellow FAR member, it motivates you to take a much closer look at these posts. I am influenced by your photography, mix media, traditional and digital art that you members post all the time. It might be minor to some but to me its like being in a gold mine of all kinds of cool ideas and captures. My lil frisky "Funnie Flowers" can vouch for that one. Now these fellow members that I have featured is only a drop in the bucket from the rest of the awesome talent that is on here at FAR. So if you don't see yourself here its only because I can fit in so many on a 8x11". Each of these feature members have influenced me at least more than once from their post. From the Photographers like Supergold who has captured many of the most awesome sites all over the world with his rich capture(cheapest travel I have been on! lol)...or Like iPhone7 with his rich and colorful captures...or Sange with her rich colorful animal captures...Also Susan F.M.T with her cute bird captures and creativity in mix media on how she presents them to the the rich colorful creations from Little Bogie007 and Cleo mastered thru Digital Art..from the colorful creations of Seshadri Sreenivasan to the colorfully creative retro art of Renate-Bertodi...I have had the honor of collaborating some of my work with awesome artist like Regina-RH-Ariel, Helvi2 and Jesuel. I also had the honor to introduce the awesome digital work of James Harris in one of Bryan Taylor's music video "Missing". You can find that under my name on YouTube. It kinda saddens me when I hear a fellow member say.."Oh no one really likes my work." Its not true. Your post are important to all of us..This site helps members on so many levels..Now I have been a promo man from way back and I have never been bashful to stick my hand out to collect money on a sale. However, others here have not or never been given the opportunity to learn. FAR helps teach you that. I assure you if ask one of these members that I have featured for some advise THEY WOULD GIVE IT! Many more fellow FAR members will do as well. No matter what your medium is,you can still learn from fellow members of other mediums to make it work with yours. When your work is being judge by a committee, they are Professionals representing from Photography, Mix Media, Traditional and Digital Art paid to take the time to look at your entries. AGAIN NO OTHER COMMUNITY WEBSITE OFFERS THIS! Oh I can bore y'all with the long speech of all the many benefits but i'm not. Really talk to your fellow members. Remember these reviews are opinions that could lead to some awesome ideas! Some that you thought you would never have. So guess what? WE ARE ALL THE FARtist LINK TO EACH OTHER NO MATTER WHAT MEDIUM YOU WORK WITH!..So asked questions...try a collaboration with another artist..just try to think how you can surpass your comfort level to make you that better artist or photographer. Some of y'all have seen me play the "Creativity Game" with John Kotalac. It helps John and me fine tune our creative ideas based on a day I dream that Tom (administrator) will extend one more category "Cartoons"..Cartoons are put under the Traditional art section but really i feel we should have our own category...My opinion oh i say in my usual ending notes....STOP DREAMING!!!.....START DOING!!!...AND DON'T EVER STOP BELIEVING IN YOURSELF!!! wink.
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Pays one point and 2 member cents.
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The FARtist Link by MKFlood
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